Video: The sources from where Barfi! was copied exposed!

Video: The sources from where Barfi! was copied exposed!

Cineswami reveals the various films Ranbir Kapoor’s Barfi! was stolen from. Curious to know more? Then, read on and checkout the video!

Last week, Cineswami reported the striking similarities between Mani Ratnam’s Thiruda Thiruda and Anurag Basu’s Barfi!. It has now emerged that much of Basu’s well-reviewed film is a pastiche of scenes blatantly copied from a variety of films across the world. Treat this as a spoiler alert but it shouldn’t matter, as you shouldn’t be spending your hard earned money supporting thieves anyway. There is an ongoing debate saying that the fact that the film is copied shouldn’t matter if the end product is good. The real issue is this. Is Bollywood so bereft of ideas that the industry has to steal all the time?

Anyway, here is the laundry list of Barfi! inspirations:

Overall, the plotline bears resemblances to Hollywood film Benny & Joon (1993) and Korean film Oasis (2002).

One of the recurring musical themes in Barfi! has been cobbled together by Pritam from two tunes composed by Yann Tiersen that were used in Amelie (2001).

The bank scene in Barfi! where Ranbir evades Saurabh Shukla via a sliding door is from the 1917 Charlie Chaplin short The Adventurer.

The scene where Rupa Ganguly shows Ileana D’Cruz her former boyfriend is from The Notebook (2004). The scene towards the end of Barfi! where Priyanka Chopra snuggles up to Ranbir on his hospital bed is also from the same film.

The scenes of Ranbir getting a twisted nose after he bangs into a door and that of him entertaining Priyanka with a dummy on a sofa are both from Singin’ In The Rain (1952).

The scene where Ranbir wakes up under a covered statue that is being unveiled is from Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights (1931).

The scene where Ranbir tries to get rid of a sticky bit of paper while putting up posters in Kolkata is from a Mr Bean episode titled Back To School.

The scene where Ranbir keeps a nail on the road to stop a passing car is from Kikujiro (1999), down to the shape and size of the nail and the framing of the shot. Incidentally, Myshkin remade the entire film in Tamil as Nandalala (2010), an un-credited remake, of course.

The ladder on a wall gag while Ranbir is evading cops is from the Buster Keaton short Cops (1922). The scene where Ranbir escapes by grabbing onto a bus is also from there.

The scene where Ranbir, on a bicycle, is being chased through narrow lanes is from the Jackie Chan film Project A (1983).

The recurring shots of a hamster in a cage are from Black Cat, White Cat (1988).

The scene where Ranbir is ogling a Sadhu’s crotch is from an advertisement for a Swedish newspaper.

The scene where a pair of headlights rushes towards Priyanka only to be revealed as two bikes is from Mr Nobody (2009).

Ranbir entertaining Priyanka by sticking bits of paper to his eyes and tongue are from Mr Bean shorts and also Mr Bean’s Holiday (2007).

The interrogation scene where Ranbir responds to a question that asks him to reveal everything by starting with his birth is from The Goonies (1985).

Ranbir and Ileana’s goods train date where they distribute food to the needy is from Fried Green Tomatoes (1991).

One could go on and on. As the days go by, more and more people are coming forth with Barfi! sources. But all credit to Sputnik and his band of merry men for getting the ball rolling.

Mera Bharat Mahaan.

Watch video: the scene by scene comparison!

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  • Parth

    The 3 man band shown after most scenes is lifted from animated film Rango, where you have 3 owl band.

    • Jorebungley

      Its actually also a recurring theme in There’s Something about Mary (1998) and Woman on Top (2000).

      • anawantu

        Hopeless cineswami…agreed that scenes are copied (great info)..but do u have the ability to copy like this..can make your movie nominated to Oscar..!!! you can only shout and blame..time will come when you will say the way the lead actor walked is copied from this..the way the lead actor cried is copied from that..the way the camera man held the camera is copied from that…OMG the street where is movie is shoot for a running scene is copied from xyz…The way the movie narration is done is before in some movie…The place where the lead actor saw the lead actress is in xyz movie..CRAP CRAP CRAP….you can only blame..If you are so original make your own movie…and watch it alone..and review it ..then post comment on it on your own..Lets C how u will fare …

        • anawantu

          Adding : you name “cineswami” is copied from 2 words Cinema and Swami is from any generic Indian saints name ha ha :P ..most of the words you have used for the post is used in uncountable articles/reviews present in the internet ..:P where’s your orginality ..I doubt ?

          • Barfilove


          • Why?

            Anawantu, this article is only describing what all has been copied without being judging whether Barfi is a good movie or bad? People are the best judge for that. Also I feel if there are 25-30 scenes along with the theme of the script itself being copied, than what else original remains in the movie? Agreed great acting by lead actors. But is it a great script? Great authentic music? Great direction? And above all, great idea itself?

          • vicky

            Finding a bollywood movie without copy is one of the toughest job with my personal experience.The regional film makers instead of looking for oscars selected by indian government, should directly try for other international awards.(particularly Tamil,Telugu and Malayalam film makers)

          • Gandhimathi

            I think it spelled its name wrong. Should be Anal-wantu…

  • Sinjini

    despite of that its a heart warming movie….

  • sagar

    makers of this movie should be ashamed, it’s a blatant copy

  • Whatever

    So, you’ve more intellectual abilities than Oscar Monitoring Committee to judge a movie.Cool!

    1.Firstly, there are 100′s of movies where they stop the car/bus by putting nail on road.

    2.Ranbir is real so does his acting. No matter where the concept/style originated. They given new life to the same old scenes with his own style of acting/expressions. So kudos to them.

    There’s always set of peoples who criticize every emerging thing. So, it’s nothing new to see your blog. Can understand, it’s your bread and butter. Cheers!

    • Gandhimathi

      Actually, anyone with half a brain is better than the Indian Oscar committe, except you, Whatever.

  • ck rao

    Even if it might have been copied from many films and even if it does not get the oscar, the matter of the fact is, an attempt has been made to show real performances of actors. These days where if hero kicks then bunch of goons fall a distance apart ( no sense of gravity calculated), this film at least helps users to see the sensibilities of human being. Worth a watch!

  • Krishna

    so much hate against a movie.. loos like there is a whole group working against the movie. do we have such articles on 3 idiots and DDLJ and ek tha tiger. I am sure no..

    • Dipika

      it’s not about hating a movie. It’s about feeling cheated. here we are loving a movie and lauding the poeple who are a part of it..only to discover that most of the remarkable scenes are actually lifted. yuck!

  • abby

    wat r u guys upto..y cant u just praise a good work…i don even care if this one gets an oscar or nt…but i cannot ignore the actors hardwork…please stop exaggerating things..which i know is impossible for you guys as i have read some articles on SRK too on your site…that shows how supportive you are to bollywood stars, their work…your website is run by these theives only.IDIOTS.

  • The Plagiarist

    The moment i found this movie “directed” by Anurag Basu n music “composed” by Pritam, I was confident of the scenes and the music being lifted from some source. The revelation just confirms my belief that Anurag Basu and Pritam can make nothing original in their life time that will actually be worth watching and listening, respectively. There is no doubt that Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra are good actors.

  • Shashank

    the peeing in fields and then workers looking + the time reversal in a clock was taken from a korean movie lover’s concerto

  • tanqeed

    Ok I missed that you did credit me by sputnik. I would have preferred a link back to my post.


  • Sarthak Daga

    Why can’t people just praise the work???
    Even if it is copied, you have yourself proved that it was hard work. Even copying from so many sources and making such an entertainer is amazing

    • kris

      are u kidding?? how can u praise the work that is not real? Copying somebody else work is not amazing its plagiarism.

  • AAA

    Barfi movie is well directed and Actors have performed to their best, no doubt.

    Also, please do not take it personal and deny the fact that few scenes in Barfi are just copied from other sources.

    While we should appreciate the good work, it doesn’t mean we have to hide our mistakes. Critics are not bad.

  • Ashish S

    I find it very strange that Indian always try to relate their movies to western movies but they forget that west copied India first and then we are copying them back…Superman is real but Shaktimaan is fake…

  • mimi

    so wat dnt hollywood copy ur movies 2, u guys are crazy i really cant believe u guys, as soon as the movie was nominated u guys are finding fault 2 destroy the movies, i dnt CARE IF IT AS COPIED OR NOT IT STILL MASTERPIECE and i liked ittttttttt,just leave dis movie alone i believe it will be nominated i hope u all the haters will go burn the sea, autisim do get attach pple who are close 2 them n she happens 2 like barfi since they were kids really like him 4 all his jokes how he cared 4 her, autisim are smart 2, they hv special talent so just appreciate dis movie n leave the director alone support ur movies

    • Arjun Singh

      Shah Rukh Khan is the most popular actor in the world.Half the world knows who is SRK.Indian cinema has produced greatest films and Actors in the world.And hollywood only has better technology.They cannot match Indian Actors in acting.

    • Gaurav

      Its not about hatred or anything. The original scenes were floating on the internet before the movie was nominated for Oscars.

  • Arjun Singh

    I tell you the definition of copy.Watch films like Ghajini,Wanted and Rowdy Rathore.These south remakes are scene to scene copy of the originals.There is a difference between inspiration and copy.If a director has taken inspiration from a film and then moulds it differently from the original there is no issue in that if the film is great like Barfi.Baazigar was inspired by A Kiss before dying but it was not a scene to scene remake and it was better than the original.Barfi even inspired is a great film and we should applaud the efforts of Anurag Basu.

  • Partha

    I think Barfi copied this. The fact that the did not acknowledge this shows they copied and did not want us to know. Any acknowledgement of this should be there. Else it is called plagiarism.

  • Maneesh

    Usually I don’t post but I have seen the movie oasis…in which the main vharacter pursues a sexual relationship with someone who is retarded and basically rapes her. So far this looks nothing like oasis and as a matter or fact looks entirely opposite. Sure te characters may have similiar characteristics but then agaon which movie doesnt rehash old characters. And not that I feel strongly about this or anything but taking inspiration from and copying are two different things…

    • Dipika

      there’s a video floating around. watch that. It’s NOT inspiration. Its blatant copy. Not 1 , not 2 but close to 15 scenes.

  • akshay

    Barfi is a brilliant movie no doubt but does it deserve to go for oscars where we have good films like paan singh tomaar GOW,kahaani…
    agreed that barfii has original story but the story telling is copied which matters the most.
    ranbir and priyanka did a great job but the director didnt make any efforts and simply copied the scenes

  • Anup

    Lets consider a scenario.
    If another filmmaker makes a movie right now in which numerous scenes will be copied from recent bollywood blockbusters. He/she will hire excellent actors, who will no doubt give their best performances. The story as a whole will be new(very akin to exchanging the rectum and brain of a hardcore fanboy like the ones below)((or maybe not)) heck, it will be a darn good storyline. Will you still enjoy the movie?
    If the answer is yes, you belong inside an aquarium.

  • Anna Simoes

    Yes, Ranbir Kapoor u r the best the film Industry in India wants u have a very way to go, may all the success touch your feet after a long time Raj Kapoor khandan found a right actor, All The Best boy.

  • Sushil

    Forget deriving inspiration or initiating or copying.A movie selected for the Oscar has to be original in substance,shape and form.

  • Dipika

    sincerely hope this movie does not go to the oscars. we’ll be a laughing stock…SO much copy? is even a single scene original?

    • vaseey

      tats sorta not right. its like saying, “OMG LOOK THAT PINK CAR IN THE BACKGROUND OF THE MUVEE, There was a similar pink car in pink panther” :|

    • ramesh kummara

      u can see a comment in Youtube video…”Barfi is copied from”
      ‘the movie is a collage of Anurag BAsu’s favourite movies’… seems.. :P :D

  • Abir

    another scene u guys missed is the scene 4m chaplin’s circus ranbir is hiding from the police in front of a mirror,and the police goes on and collides with ranbir’s reflection nd d hero escapes.this was a direct lift

  • ramesh kummara

    the 15mins clock reverse scene is from Korean Movie LOVER’s CONCERTO (2003)

  • ramesh kummara

    the poster design is from french movies

  • AK

    WOW….& this is the movie we gonna send for oscar?
    It proves “Death of originality in Bollywood”

  • Prakash

    And the plot of Jhilmils kidnap is from Gone Baby Gone!

  • shekhar

    Wasted hard earned money on a stolen idea…Anurag you are a crook

  • saba saifi

    Bollywood cant think ……….!!
    i thought first time they represent their original..!!
    shame on u ppl…

  • raj

    plz visit this link if u wanna see all the orignal videos from which barfi is copied…
    n the Rain…you can see whole list on this link “” copy and paste in your browser..

  • KK

    I’m not buying that. If it was true, then it would mean that Anurag Basu spent years just looking for scenes from different films to put in his film. I mean, seriously??

    • Smart fella

      What more proff do u need? gadha sala

  • Smart fella

    Not surprising. Most Hindi movies are copied from different sources these days. Its a copy paste practice. But the joke is on the audience, who paid money to see a copied film. Lage raho, aur wah wah karte raho.

  • Nidhi Tyagi

    the filmmakes are having the last laugh. they have already made their money fooling the public. watch dvd movies from different countries and adapt them in hindi cinema. we hold Phd in copying.

    • Sid

      Its an art, no one says that u can’t get inspired by different scenes of different movies, the director liked different scenes from different movies and tied them all to make a movie….i guess u can spot the difference bwt the above video and movie…r u getting the same feel??

  • srimati 420

    arre yaar bhul kiyu rahe ho ki nakal karne k liye v akal ja jarurat hai…jo Basu ne acche se prove kia…
    kuch v ho yaar, movie to mast haii…aur OSCAR? Hume kab kaha milni hai !…jo log bhgte hai unko v ye bat pata haii…bas..bhegna hai jo producer jyada lobbying kar sakta haii…uska movie ko hi bheja jata hai..originality ki maro goli…mera bharat mahan..100 me se 99 beiman!

  • ryan

    i paid money to see and enjoyed this crap, but after this and other articles i hope the original film makers sue him. India is the land of corruption in politics, cricket, daily life, movies and the most worrying is how people will defend this, one idiot goes its ok if you copy 5 percent what the f, copying = cheating. All these film makers commplain about piracy when you copy to make a movie it is the same thing.

  • Arko Roy

    Adding different scenes from many different movies to make the film more shaped doesn’t mean they are stealing…! Everybody did ! Everybody does and will keep doing ! What about Bhool Bhulaiya,Don,etc.. ?
    Do you guys think those were also stolen ? moreover, It’s not a copy of a single film. I’m not a blind fan of Ranbir or something like that, but the concept has been misunderstood..That’s all.

    • Sudha

      Two wrongs do not make one right. We Indians should stop supporting people who do wrong by saying every one does. Please make a new start from today.

    • sam

      you fool, dont you know bhul bhulaya and don were the remake, everyone know that they were making remake of original one, they dint said it was original, but in the case of barfi they stole scenes from many hollywood/japanies and south movies and sent this waste to Oscar, on what ground it will cross even a 1st stage?

  • zeeshan

    What is there…u saw many films in a single movie..

  • ashish

    after reading all the comments by the readers… i just say one thing other peoples dont have to do any efforts to make India look bad… we Indians here and specialy the youth is doing it for them… A very common thing in most of the comments is Corruption of India.. we Indans r thieves etc… come on man just watch the great performances of some good young actors… or dont even do that but atleast stop saying bad things about ur own country just cause of a movie…change yourself first than comment about others…

  • Dadapeer

    Iam so angry about this and anurag basu is waste man and he copied scenes from lot of films dont u have shame and cinema is superhit how cheated to the peopl and taken many awards go and return those bloody cheater