Video: What is Priyanka Chopra saying in her Hollywood flick Planes?

The Barfi! babe has lent her voice to the Hollywood animation flick Planes and must say, she sounds all hoity-toity in the film

Priyanka Chopra gets off to a flying start as aircraft Ishani in Klay Hall’s Planes. PC’s voice in the film reflects the same cool attitude with which she performs in movies and music videos.The promo doesn’t satiate our hunger of wanting to hear more from the slim and trim babe. It’s a short dialogue – ‘Most people call me Ishani’, that’s what she says when a fleet of planes pass through the exotic Taj Mahal. The glamorous Ishani with a sleek metal body is covered with vibrant hues such as red, yellow, purple and green.

This animation flick looks and sounds interesting and revolves around an aircraft called Dusty Crophopper who’s afraid of flying. We are sure Dusty and Ishani, the fighter plane and the cool-looking jet respectively, will keep us hooked all through the journey…

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