Vidhu Vinod Chopra is unfair?

The producer refuses to give the young hero of Ferrari ki Sawaari his due publicity. Is he being protective or this is just to grab our attention?

Vidhu Vinod Chopra has taken upon himself to guard the identity of the young hero who will debut in the cricket-centric flick Ferrari ki Sawaari. The reason he gives for this secrecy is, “I want to protect him from the world. I don’t want an innocent mind to be corrupted by sudden attention and end up selling everything from soap to cereals. Kids should be treated like kids and not young adults.” Hmm, looks like the director really feels for the cause of children who attain stardom at a young age. But if that’s the case, why launch a youngster in the movie at all? Guess Chopra wasn’t worried about the li’l ones innocence when the bright idea dawned on him. Then why now? In addition to that, if the kid has handled his dialogue delivery well enough, shouldn’t he get a chance to handle his publicity too? While the producer wishes to keep his new discovery as natural as possible, but we don’t think that’s the real reason behind it all. The dark question at the back of our mind asks – Is the kid’s innocence the actual reason behind this hullabaloo about secrecy or is this just another gimmick to create the proverbial buzz?