Vidhu Vinod Chopra turns his old rivalry with Sudhir Mishra into a movie

The producer plans to make a film based on the love triangle between Sudhir Mishra, his first wife Renu Saluja and him

Filmmakers are often known to turn towards their own life for inspiration. Mahesh Bhatt did it in Zakhm and Naajayaz, Vikram Bhatt took inspiration from his love life in Raaz 3, and Anurag Kashyap did it to some extent in PaanchNow Vidhu Vinod Chopra is planning to essay the relationship he shared with his first wife, film editor Renu Saluja in his upcoming film.

Renu, who passed out from the prestigious FTII where Vidhu was a student too, had earlier edited all of his films. She was a four time national award winning filmmaker with several commercial and parallel films under her belt.

The film titled Chitthiyaan will be the story of the relationship Vidhu shared with Renu, who later on had a relationship with director Sudhir Mishra. The movie will feature both Vidhu and Sudhir, and examine the unique relationship that the three shared. It was also widely known that Vidhu and Sudhir, who were once friends, shared an awkward relationship because of the situation they found themselves in. But later they went on to being cordial with each other. Sudhir has already dedicated his next film Inkaar starring Arjun Rampal and Chitrangdha Singh to Renu.

Of the three roles of Vidhu, Sudhir and Renu, Ranbir was supposed to be playing one of the characters but it couldn’t work out. However, Sharman, who has now become a sort of permanent fixture in Vidhu’s movies, will mostly be playing one of the leads, while the other two roles are open for now!