Vidya Balan has a blind item for you guys and it involves a high profile BREAKUP – watch video

How we love cracking blind items! But this one’s gotta be a rather tough one coming from none other than Vidya Balan. Yes! The actress, who’s gearing up for Kahaani 2 opposite Arjun Rampal, happened to leak an ex Bollywood couple’s private phone conversation and it couldn’t have got any shocking than this. I mean, no seriously! So it went on something like this. I caught up with Vidya and Arjun for a fun round of candid confessions is when Vidya got all excited during one of my questions, recalling back to one of her craziest experience overhearing a breakup conversation between a couple. Also read: Arjun Rampal leaves his Kahaani 2 co-star Vidya Balan red faced – watch video!

So my questions was – Any creepiest conversation that you’ve overheard before? And Vidya jumped to narrate, “You know once in the time of the landline I overheard a conversation between an aspiring actor( who was a little known) and was breaking up with a very well known actress. There was some cross connection.” Following which, Arjun and me obviously got super charged up to know which couple is Vidya hinting at and probed her to drop a few more hints and she added, “They are not still in the industry but they very much live in India.” Ask her if the couple still makes public appearances and she reveals, “Him I think you see once in awhile but her you don’t. But you know, I was so excited, although I was feeling very sad for her because he was being nasty but I heard the entire conversation. That was a breakup conversation. I think she figured it out that he was cheating on her and he was not only denying it but also saying that see it’s not working out between us. I so wanted to interrupt and say, “Listen you don’t need this crap.”

Probably this happened many years back when Vidya wasn’t even a known actress. But further telling us what happened when she met the actress a few years later, Vidya concluded, “A few years later when I became an actor and met the woman, I just kept looking at her saying, ‘Oh my god she has no idea what had happened. I just wanted to hold her hand say listen, it’s okay, you are in a better place today!”

Whoa! Can you guess who is the couple Vidya’s hinting at? Watch this video below and do drop your guesses in the comments.