Vidya Balan: I have no boundaries

The Dirty Picture actor has her priorities neatly laid out. And while her contemporaries are pretty gung-ho about tying the knot, Vidya would rather spend some more time with the movies

Vidya Balan, the leading lady of Kahaani doesn’t mind getting hitched, but it’s certainly not on her priority list. “My career is going good. Emotionally and mentally I am in a very happy space, by God’s grace. I am not thinking about marriage now, but I’m sure there’s a right time for it. I believe in the institution of marriage. I won’t ignore it for a long, but yeah, for now I am keeping it aside. I will definitely get married,” said Vidya, who is apparently dating Siddharth Roy Kapur, CEO of UTV Motion Pictures. So, what is it that’s keeping Vidya from saying ‘I do’? After the super success of The Dirty Picture, Vidya is busy promoting her forthcoming film Kahaani, directed by Sujoy Ghosh. Also, she will be seen in Nikhil Advani’s Chand Bhai opposite Akshaye Khanna. Vidya admits that the good roles are keeping her on her toes. “I am a very greedy actor. I want to play different people, do different kinds of films. Even if the hero is the protagonist. As long as I have enough to do in the film, I am more than happy to do it,” said the 33-year-old actress during the unveiling of the first look of her new film Kahaani. “I am happy with the kind of films being made today, and that I am getting a chance to work in them. What’s important is that they appeal to the audience. Women-oriented films were being made since years, but it is only today that they are tasting success,” Vidya added while sporting a fake baby bump at the launch. But the actor who has done films like Parineeta, Ishqiya and Paa doesn’t believe in restricting herself to women-oriented roles. “I have no boundaries or limitations for myself. I have not dictated myself to work only on a women-oriented script. If the film is good, if the role is good I will definitely do it,” she said. Now, here’s one actor who seems to have a neat and tidy to-do list. But for how long will you stick to it, dear Vidya?