Vidya Balan isn’t losing sleep over losing weight

The Dirty Picture leading lady, who had gained 12 kilos for the role, is now all set to knock it off, which she feels is going to be an easy task

Milan Luthria’s film The Dirty Picture’s fate is out; it has lived up to most people’s expectations and Vidya Balan has set new acting standards for B-town’s glamorous women. But now comes the tough part for the actor, she has to knock off the twelve kilos she had gained to look the part in the sizzling drama. Initially, Vidya was a little skeptical about putting on the kilos, but then agreed as she loves challenges. Fortunately, the dancing and grooving during endless promotions of the film has helped her lose two kilos already. For the remaining ten kilos she has a plan in place. And she isn’t losing any sleep over it. Instead, in an interview the Balan babe said, “Getting back the right amount of sleep will also help me lose weight.” So the plan is to get at least eight to nine hours of sleep every day. That’s not all. The reluctant dieter is going to follow a diet too. Pooja Makhija the same dietician who helped her gain weight is in charge of this task. Vidya will also hit the gym, again something she dislikes doing, and follow a strict fitness regime. However, unlike the Kapoors and Shettys who are into yoga, Balan is going to do calisthenics – an aerobic form of exercise consisting simple rhythmic movements like bending, jumping, twisting, kicking, etc. Now, that does like fun! Also since Vidya did a lot of grooving and booty-shaking in TDP this exercise shouldn’t be tough for her. Meanwhile, we have a suggestion for the sensuous beauty, since she is on a weight-losing spree, how about knocking off a little more than the required ten kilos and getting into the perfect shape that has been eluding her for a long time now. Don’t you think so too?