Vidya Balan, Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor – who is your favourite woman of substance?

Posted Tue, March 5, 2013 12:27pm IST

It’s not their skimpy clothes or unabashed acting that draws us to these ladies. It’s the elan and belief with which they do it all. Which of Bollywood’s hottest heroines do you choose to look up to?

Women’s Day is a stone’s throw away now. And before the day dawns and the air gets filled with pastel coloured confetti, we take a little time to mull over the women who rule Bollywood. While there are plenty of lovely ladies entertaining us, there’s just a handful that we look up to today, and salute for the choices they’ve made.

And that’s because in times when so many lovely ladies seek solace in the sizzling emptiness of an item number, a few pretty ones step up to show off their acting chops – not because it’s a trend, but because they believe in what they do. These, BollywoodLifers, are the women of substance that the filmi duniya and we are proud of.

Who are we talking about? Go ahead, take a peek and tell us – which of these glam gals – Vidya Balan, Priyanka Chopra, Kalki Koechlin, Deepika Padukone and Kareena Kapoor Khan – do you think is the women of substance?

After going through the gallery, we’re sure you’ve made up your mind about who is your favourite woman of substance. So don’t wait for too long – vote for your lady…NOW!

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  • meena

    i vote for anushka sharma

  • Rajan kumar

    Priyanka chopra nd deepika padukone

    • Shaily

      i vote for Priyanka chopra as always..

  • Hasan

    Priyanka and vidya

  • anonym

    for me Kareena Kapoor….. PC uses your Supstanz too much for the media and husbands of other women

  • Ajay

    no Dout its priyanka

  • pinky

    Its priyanka chopra for sure.

  • Priya

    Vidya Balan!

  • Naina

    Priyanka Chopra all the way:-)

  • albert

    priyanka chopra than

  • sanjay sharma

    My vote goes to Kareena Kapoor… because she resembles my girlfriend exactly..

  • diana

    definitely priyanka chopra

  • Ash

    It’s obviously kareena kapoor
    Khan .no one can be compared with her.she is the style icon of evryone in the world.he is the queen of Bollywood.she is much much much better than pc or the fatty vidya

    • JOHN

      WHY calling vidya fatty?? did u see kareena in fevicol she’s out of shape(fatty) btw MY vote goes to PRIYANKA who’s the masala girl in acting of BOLLYWOOD.

  • Meraa

    Of course it’s bebo.only kareena kapoor khan:)

  • james

    every one in New York is impressed with priyanka acting from Aitrazz,fashion,kaminey,what’s your rashee,saath koon maaf and finally the mindblowing BARFI!!!! my vote goes to priyanka chopra!!!!

    • julie

      not everyone, just u. The rest of us knows substance

      • james

        pc is the queen whether u like it or not!!!!

  • ravi

    i vote for PRIYANKA CHOPRA!!!!!

  • Bella


  • sonia


  • alvi

    Undoubtedly my vote goes to vidya balan.
    She redefined bollywood heroines and presented them similar to hero

  • Krishna

    My vote is for the one lady who follows her own instinct to be herself.. Others are plastic beauties. Plastic beauties have never won awards four times in a row like my favorite lady. You guys keep fighting .. and she silently keeps winning…

  • vinod

    ham kareena kapur ko pasand karte he

  • garib kisan party india

    hamari pasand he karina kapoor

  • Enas

    Bebo is the best

  • Ayat

    Kareena kapoor all the way.she is just simply owesome:)

  • Rahul

    Vidya is horribly fatty aunty,dipps is too much bad(sometime),PC is over-riacted,kalki is out of there was only left BEBO.ohhhhh she is too good,style diva,good size,cute &the queen of Bollywood.just luv her.keep it up bebo.u r the best.

  • Dina

    Vidya Balan all the way. She’s genuine, stays true to herself, is grounded to her roots, remains humble despite all the recognition and fame she has received and is not just ridiculously beautiful but is also blessed with brains and talent.

    A lot of actresses these days fail to think before they speak, and are boringly thin and altered with surgery. Their choice of roles don’t do justice to them and they seem so westernized in an industry that is supposed to hail the ‘indianess’ in them.

    Vidya on the other hand has single handedly proven her worth on screen, without a male lead. God bless this woman, and may she excel to greater heights than she already has achieved.

  • Siyam

    Many many luv to bebo.cause she is the best

  • julie

    Kareena Kapoor Khan

  • guest

    Vidya Balan and she doesn’t need any votes since she’s not a popular girl in high school. Like other actresses, only popularity counts and when they do excellent roles, it’s few and far between. Mainly to shout on the top of the roof to take them seriously as an actress. The only reason Priyanka,Kareena and others do excellent roles is when they have to prove something in the midst of the male dominated industry. Then they go back to the Khans and other superstars mainly because their solo heroine project didn’t bring enough moolah. Vidya is the quintessential example to all struggling actors. All her debut films cancelled, whether it was Malayalam or Tamil film. For 3 years she struggled being in all facets of the profession from ads to t.v and then a Bengali film. Finally she got noticed for Parineeta, but at what cost. Surprised Vidya with no acting experience got screen tested for Parineeta 6 months. But bollywood heroines despite years of experience and still can’t act,were considered for Parineeta without blinking an eye. Whatever, she made her own path without having opportunities like Priyanka,Kareena,Deepika. Meanwhile, Kalki is not a typical Bollywood heroine. She too will struggle because she is only acting in independent cinema. Good luck to her.

  • Anbrid

    Obviously Vidya QUEEN Balan! The rest are just show pieces (Priyanka’s talented though).

  • rafid

    vidya balan ofcourse

  • Ayush

    Deepika & Vidya

  • Ash

    priyanka chopra is d one who rules

  • jack

    vidya balan the one and only.

    • REHANA

      I agrre with you,jack


    VIDYA,is one women army.She is born to act.

    • kareena

      are u mad

  • kareena

    kareena kapoor khan is the QUEEN that why she is on number 1 ok h]got it your brain and where is anuska

  • preeti

    Kareena..Kareena and only Kareena! Shes the queen of bollywood!! I LOVE HER! =)

  • miley

    Kareena kapoor khan all the way for her awesome acting and her style

  • Munib

    One and only Priyanka

  • Rani

    Kareena Kapoor Khan!!!

  • nisha


  • rodrique

    Vidya balan and only vidya balan

  • helen

    PC best

  • MyOpinion

    Priyanka Chopra & Deepika Padukone no doubt! These ladies are taking over the big screen!

  • Montu

    I love Vidya Balan. Others are loved much for their beauty only. Hardly much for any acting talents. If they had awesome acting skills they would have won more awards than VB. But VB is winning and winning. She was hated for her weight and dressing sense. And see, now she is called the Lady Khan of Bollywood. There is no other actress referred like that. She has been the game changer along with Kareena. Thanks Kareena for showing the heroines that they should get equal fees at par the heroes. And thanks VB, for almost many reasons – for being yourself. Even if you are fat, you can act better than the other actresses. Even without a Khan, you dare to show how better your movie is than theirs. And showing the other heroines that they should select roles which brings out their acting talents and not just hang around and run behind trees singing songs.

  • Razik Khan

    Actually my dear Trupti looking like pc both are very hot . i love my Trupti so much so, i like priyanka

  • raven

    I would love to say that PRIYANKA CHOPRA is the best………….!!!!!!!!!

    I VOTE FOR PRIYANKA…………..!!!!!!!!!!!

  • j

    priyanka the reigning QUEEN OF BOLLYWOOD!!!!

  • Amit

    Priyanka & Deepika is the best!!

  • pamela

    Kareena is d best and realest

  • shruti


  • simran

    She’s without any equals, hands down winner in every category, the incomparable…KAREENA KAPOOR KHAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mezyn

    Ms. Bebo KAREENA Kapoor Khan!!! Obviously the best!!! Very admirable qualities in this QUEEN!!!. No one can beat her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Poonam sharma

    Priyanka chopra nd deepika padukone

  • kris

    Kareena Kapoor the best

  • Kareina Vlosty

    Bobo Kareena Kaan, admirable for what??? Who wants to beat her?? Has she won any Miss World or National award?? No… she hasn’t.. Very true, cannot compare her to National award winners like Priyanka and Vidya Balan.

  • loveline

    Priyanka Chopra & Deepika Padukone. BUT I VOTE FOR PRIYANKA CHOPRA

  • angela

    Kareena Kapoor is the best

  • sara

    Kareena kapoor khan

  • Anjan Maity

    Priyanka Chopra

  • Mabir

    Kareena kapoor!!! The best everrrrr

  • Rehaan

    Vidya Balan is a big inspiration… Kareena kahan inspire karti hai?? kabhi nahi… Haan inspire karti hai, size zero hone ke liye. Vidya ke baad, I will choose Priyanka.

  • Shonali Bendre

    PrIyaNkA cHopRA……….