Vidya Balan Roy Kapoor: A date with George Clooney?

Is the Kahaani lady planning to do some delicious two-timing of husband Siddharth Roy Kapur with the Ocean’s Eleven heartthrob? Sigh….

Yes, well, we all know that Vidya Balan will be at the 66th Cannes International Film Festival this time – in fact, she must have settled in to her hotel room by now and, knowing Vids, she would have started her explorations of the marina, the sights and the films. All dressed in her gorgeous sarees tweaked by Sabyasachi Mukherjee, we betcha. And along the way, of course, she will be working on her job of jury member, and doing it most diligently for sure. But a sight we hope our lady Khan more than just looks at is George Clooney, the dishy dude who would make even the most iron of resolves do a little waltz, steam emanating from every pore. Why are we saying this, especially knowing that Vidya married her jaan Siddharth Roy Kapur only a few months ago in a lovey-dovey private family shaadi with very little band and baaja but a very large – in more ways than the metaphorical – baraat? Because the lovely lady herself said that she would be most excited to meet “George Clooney – only I’ll be meeting him too late in life, but at least I’ll meet him,” she told a newspaper reporter recently.

Tch tch, what happens to miyaan Sid, who will be joining his ever-loving biwi only towards the end of the film fest? Will he suffer the stabs of the little green monster as his wife does a happy lech at the ageing but still uber-sexy gent that Georgie is now? No, Vidya assures the world as it eagerly watches for a marital transgression. “Siddharth knows”. Sigh. And here we were just waiting for some behind the curtains coochie that would fuel our need for some teekha gossip for a couple of days at least….