Vidya Balan says no to films with Emraan Hashmi

Vidya Balan says no to films with Emraan Hashmi

The Dirty Picture actor is offered two films opposite the serial kisser. But she isn’t jumping with joy to sign on for them

Ever since the unlikely pair of Vidya Balan and Emraan Hashmi got raves for their smoldering chemistry in The Dirty Picture, filmmakers have flocked outside their respective condos to sign them on together. Maybe there are more projects in store for them together, but as of now we know two filmmakers who are trying very hard to get the TDP actors into the same frame again. One is Vishal Bhardwaj (for Daayaan) and the other is Rajkumar Gupta (for Ghanchakkar). Contrary to reports, Vidya hasn’t said no to either to the Saat Khoon Maaf director or the No One Killed Jessica maker’s next films. She is considering both, but stuck with a terrible dilemma to decide on. Vidya doesn’t want to do both films with the same star as hero, since she believes that doing too many projects with Emraan will kill the sizzle and the surprise element of their pairing. And we agree with Ms Balan on this one. Repeating actors who have struck gold in their last film doesn’t mean guaranteed success. Our filmmakers desperately need to get innovative and, as for creating crackling onscreen chemistry, we think Vidya will manage to do it with any actor. Remember in TDP she managed to evoke sexual interest even from the usually ‘clean’ Tusshar Kapoor. Maybe it was his character at play in that one, but we wonder if Vidya’s bindass performance wasn’t a source of inspiration for the Golmaal actor. Remember, Emraan too changed his face for TDP, becoming a far more whitewashed avatar of his usual grey self. Yeh hai Bollywood, kuch bhi ho sakta hai!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • F.M.D.

    would vidya say the same if it wasn’t emraan but srk? i dont think so!

  • Priya

    Either way! Emraan and Vidya looks soooo much hotter together than SRK and Vidya: Who I think she looks odd with.

    I hope she make the right choice here and see which one suites her more :)

    • Fans of Emraan

      Go way Priya!!! Emraan comes up with new actress always!!
      Vidhya’s bad luck!!!

  • Amanda

    They have serious chemistry together. Who cares how many films they sign together? If the story is good, people will watch. C’mon Vidya, don’t be a spoilsport.

    • veena

      I want to see Emmy and Vidya together again :) they make a cute pair.

  • Kat

    If the movie story is good people will watch and Vidya and Emraan have mindblowing Chemistry together. PLEASE VIDYA SIGN one?

  • Rohit

    Vidya Balan is way too good for someone like Emraan Hashmi, she’s a powerhouse performer while he’s just an average actor, Vidya can do wayyy better than him.