Vidya Balan says: Once seen Kolkata then other world is useless

Vidya Balan’s character in her upcoming film Kahaani comes up with powerful words which are symbolic of a city’s complex social, psychological and cultural map. But when translated into English, these lines get lost in translation and make us giggle relentlessly….

 Dil ka bazaar hai, thoda bizzare hai

Kolkata khwaishon armaano ka achaar hai


Jitne bhi door jaao, dil se na far hai

Kolkata dekho toh baaki duniya bekaar hai


Strong hai powerful hai phir bhi laachar hai

Bilkul naya hai

Phir bhi beete kal mein giraftaar hai

Aami shotti bolchi….


Aami shotti bolchi….

Shotti shotti shotti shotti shotti

Aami shotti bolchi



The heart’s market is, a bit bizarre is

Kolkata (the city) is desires’ (and) wishes’ pickle


However long go, not far from the heart

Seen Kolkata then other world is useless


Strong it is, powerful it is, yet is vulnerable

Brand-new it is,

Yet in the happened past it’s handcuffed

I true say…


I true say

True true true true true

I true say