Vidya Balan takes a crack at Kareena Kapoor!

With each success the ‘dirty’ lady seems to be pushing the envelope not just acting wise, but in attitude too. And we love it!

Vidya Balan has never been squeamish about saying what she wanted to say. And with each film of hers that does well, she seems to gain more confidence and more chutzpah. Which means that she gets more outspoken and shows a whole lot more of what B-towners call ‘attitude’. But along the way, she tends to stick to her image in the movie she is promoting, with not just her fashion statement, but her demeanour and language as well. This time, with The Dirty Picture doing so phenomenally well, she has hit a new high in personal style. She has put herself firmly in a completely different league where acting is concerned, leaping out of the numbers game and into her own special place in the starry firmament that we don’t see anyone else aiming for. That has given her a new arrogance and confidence, something that could cause problems for her later – which, of course, we look forward to telling you all about when it happens. But the kissa for the day comes from Vidya’s sideways swipe at Kareena Kapoor at a recent press conference. Vids had producer Ekta Kapoor by her side and both women were having a blast being catty and generally ‘dirty’. And along the way Vidya even said something to the effect of “I can’t see any other ‘heroine’ being competition for me”. We were a little startled, since our Silk is generally tactful, but could only see it as a crack at the Heroine star who, we heard, is now upping her own act to keep up with Vidya’s Dirty dealings! Is this the start of a new star war? We certainly hope so!