Vidya Balan vs Priyanka Chopra for ‘The Immortals of Meluha’

Vidya Balan vs Priyanka Chopra for ‘The Immortals of Meluha’

The Kahaani actor might be roped in by Karan Johar for the film, but apparently KJo’s lead actor Hrithik Roshan prefers Priyanka Chopra

Vidya Balan might edge out Priyanka Chopra to play the lead in Karan Johar’s adaptation of Amish Tripathi’s bestseller The Immortals of Meluha. We had told you earlier that Karan’s Dharma Productions is keen to cast their hit pair of Agneepath – Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka – as Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati in the film. But from the latest grapevine, we gather that it is the flavour of the season, Vidya Balan who is being considered for the role now.

Apparently, Hrithik has okayed Priyanka for the part, as he is comfortable with his Krrish and Agneepath co-actor. But KJo, it seems, thinks Vidya will suit the role of the goddess to the T. Well, we think so, too! After all, doesn’t Vidya enjoy ‘goddess’ status already in the hearts of many men, especially after The Dirty Picture’s cleavage fest? Smirk.

Meanwhile, tell us who you think would best suit the role of Parvati – Vidya Balan or Priyanka Chopra.

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  • ash india

    plz, i want to ask u (the media)….why plz do u hate priyanka chopra?because some information u gave is meaning that u (the media) want to ruin pc career and life just because u are not fan of her!! now we know all ur plans for ruinnig pc career and life………god will surely punished u(the media) bloody liars!!!

  • martha

    leave PC alone, these so call journalist are hating on ma gal 4 no reason, it just annoying am getting fed up with dis website, PC is not responding 2 all ur lies so let it be , i will support PC in every tin she decides 2 do i really like her

    • isabelle


  • Ashish Gaur

    I have read the book, & in my openion, karan should take some one who suits the character described in the book, Sati is pure, soft, beautiful than any other women on earth, so the character in the movie should be some one who can fulfill all that requirement.

    • zajd

      yes and Pc fits the role.

  • kiran

    none of them suit the character of Sati and PC def not….why haven’t they considered Rani Mukherjee for the role…i think no one but rani can fit the role of the goddess to the T.

    • Anuj

      Come on Kiran! You should not consider your favourite actress/actor’s name just because she/he is ur favourite. Rani Mukherjee or Priyanka does not have deity kind of stature. U can take following names in that respect:-
      1. Vidya Balan
      2. Anushka Shetty
      3. Sonakshi Sinha
      4. Shruti Hasan etc.
      But acting is also important. So, Vidya Balan or Anushka Shetty. If stardom is also important then Vidya Balan. So, Vidya Balan will be the right choice!

  • rita

    wow this is good if to sad the true, i think pc will suit the character!!

  • wikim

    i don’t think hritik would fit in the role of shiva. and nor would pc and vidya(though am a big fan of both) fit for the role of sati. sati’s role should be given to a more softer, feminine yet powerful actress.

  • akshay singh

    rani for sati pc for anandamayi

  • Anant

    Try YAMI GAUTAM as parvati, she has a godess face+fresh looks. she will be best fitted in this role. Yami & Hrithik couple will be great at screen.

  • Anant

    i bet yami gautam for sati

  • zeus

    Amy jackson as sati will be perfect..

  • anonymous

    vidya balan

  • Artemis

    Honestly, no offense but Vidhya balan as a goddess?
    I think mouni Roy would be awesome for the role!!! But Priyanks could probably manage too :)

  • UD

    I like Ashwarya rai for actrees for The Immortals of Meluha film.

  • iampeecee’s dog

    Priyanka is a deity in real life She is more naturally a Goddess ,people like me worship her for real .. I even built a small temple for Priyanka chopra and seek blessings from her by falling at her feet