Vidya Balan: We are used as a high-profile punching bag

The Dirty Picture actor is enraged as her National Award-winning film was banned from screening on prime time TV

Vidya Balan is boiling with anger these days. Her national award winning film The Dirty Picture was scheduled to air on Sony Television at 12pm and 8pm on Sunday, but a last minute verdict by the Information and Broadcast Ministry of India stalled the broadcast of the film. What irritates Vidya more than anything else is the fact that the ban on the telecast came after the High Court had already cleared the 2011 hit with 59 cuts and issued a U/A certificate. “It defies logic when the same government body that has honoured a film with three National Film Awards is now calling for the film not to be broadcast on national television! What is even more astounding is that the censor board, which has cleared the film for television broadcast, is under the aegis of the very same government body! I do hope that better sense prevails and that the film industry is not once again used as a convenient high-profile punching bag for anyone looking to establish their moral credentials,” said the 34 year old actor in an interview.

We second Vidya’s opinion. After all the controversial film was chopped enough and after 59 cuts it should have been ready to be aired. If the I & B ministry has no problems with displaying semi-clad babes gyrating suggestively in the name of item songs on TV, why such double standards with Ms Balan’s film? Is Vidya being targeted?