Vidya Balan’s belly goes ooo laa laaa…!

As men feast their eyes on Vidya’s curvaceous body and the women smirk at her jiggling tummy every time Ms B appears onscreen, we think about the transformation this babe has undergone over the years

Ms Balan has trudged a long way from being a sweet and innocent Bong babe in Parineeta, metamorphosing into a sensual, podgy woman in The Dirty Picture. But the tiresome trudging, however ironic it may sound, hasn’t helped Ms Balan shed those extra kilos. In fact, just like Kareena became the fitness trendsetter and coined the new size zero, Vidya took the same route and pioneered the new size 8 (no, wait, maybe 9…14?). As she involves herself completely in the promotional activities of the new movie, we do admire her gumption to try her hand at something so challenging and bold. Recently spotted performing at a suburban mall, Vidya shimmied in front of a huge audience at the music launch of the film. As she twisted and turned her cellulite-laden body, we thought of her clumsy moves in Kismat Konnection and came to the conclusion that this chick’s dancing skills have improved drastically over the years. Now we do understand that was a bad phase for you, Vidya, with people gnawing on your brains with all sorts of irritating remarks and stories about your connection, kismat or not, with your co-star Shahid Kapoor. But now that you hit back with vengeance, with Bappida’s music playing in the background and three men hovering around you (Emraan Hashmi, Tusshar Kapoor, Naseeruddin Shah), we think you are doing a great job of throwing your weight around in absolute style (pun intended, of course!). But one small question still niggles – how are you gonna lose all that flab to get back to the slim ‘n’ slender Lolita shape?