Vidya loves to trouble Sujoy

Vidya Balan made the director of Kahaani write the dubbing script for the dubbing sessions

Sujoy Ghosh, the director of Vidya Balan’s next film tweeted recently, ‘Kahaani starts dub today. No clue why Vidya making me write a dubbing script. Knowing her she’ll still remember every word by heart. Akhir Kyon?’ And the filmmaker was right. He later tweeted, ‘I knew it. I KNEW IT!! She remembers every word yet she made me write the script again. Cool dubber, she is. Forgiven.’ Two things: one that Vidya Balan has an elephant’s memory, and that she enjoys troubling her director. Earlier while shooting for the film, the Parineeta actress put a ban on smoking on the sets. When Sujoy was caught lighting a cigarette, she made him apologize. Fortunately he isn’t complaining as when it comes to her work she is the best. When Vidya is in front of the camera she is serious but off it, she is a fun babe and troublemaker of sorts. She is unlike other actresses, who prefer to sit in a corner and keep to themselves. This is not the first time Vidya has indulged in fun time with the cast and crew of her film. When she was shooting for another director friend Sajid Khan’s Heyy Babyy, the actress said that she got along like a house on fire with the men onscreen (Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh and Fardeen Khan) and off screen. Maybe Sujoy should have cast an well-known actor in his woman-centric film, then he would not be the sole recipient of Vidya’s pranks!