Vidyut Jamwal: Commando might be bigger than a Rs 100 crore film!

The muscular dude from Force gets talking about his next film opposite Pooja Chopra and reveals the interesting nicknames his fans have given him over the years

Vidyut Jamwal packs some mean punches and performs really cool gravity-defying stunts in his next film Commando. He was recently in the news for losing his cool when a journo asked him about his rumoured girlfriend Mona Singh’s MMS controversy. VJ flipped his lid…and how! So we make sure we don’t do anything that raises his hackles. The huge fans that we are – of his bod, his stunts and his charisma – we indulge in a controversy free confab with the dishy hero. Obviously…coz who wants a bruised eye and swollen cheeks at the end of an interview!

We hear that you don’t mind being stereotyped as the quintessential action hero. Don’t you think making such a statement would hinder your growth, since the first thing everyone wants to prove in B-town is that they are versatile enough to take up all kinds of roles?

For me, action is what I always wanted to do and action is all I see myself focusing on for now. By action, I don’t mean just action – it can be action – romance, action – drama, action – comedy, et al. I’m not at all worried about being typecast in the action genre, because this is what I believe I was born to do.

Sounds like you want to be the next Sylvester Stallone or  Arnold Schwarzenegger of Bollywood!

Well, I want to be Vidyut Jamwal (smiles). Sylvester Stallone and Arnold are both legends and created such a wave in the action genre that they go down in history for being as iconic as they are. If people think that I can be like them, it’s certainly a compliment. People refer to me with titles like Action God or Action Superstar and I’m glad that they are enjoying what they see and believe that I can be the face of the action genre

Apart from action, which other genre really excites you that you think you can do justice to?

Action and everything connected to it!

Pooja (Chopra) and you know each other since your modelling days, and since you guys are good friends, any fun incidents happen while shooting the film?

Having a Miss India as your co-star is always great. Pooja was very trusting and took all the directions very well. In fact, there was a sequence when she and I had to run and jump off a height into the river. Being a non swimmer, she didn’t flinch even once and took the leap of faith with me. It was great to see someone push themselves so hard for their work.

Did you teach Pooja any Kalaripayattu moves?

It’s a bit hard to teach someone any moves without a basic level of training. But I have to say that even on days when she wasn’t supposed to face the camera and when we were shooting for the action sequences, she would be present on the set, watching the stunts and how we did them. It was nice to see her so dedicated.

Which other movies are in the pipeline?

I have Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Bullett Raja after Commando

What are your expectations from Commando – do you think it will enter the Rs 100 crore club?

All I hope and pray is that audience floods the theatres and enjoys watching the film as much as we enjoyed making it. I’m not even thinking Rs 100 crore as yet, as I don’t want to limit the fate of the film to mere box office numbers. Who knows, it may be bigger that that!

What kind of a actor you want to be known as – the guy who works to please the masses, or the guy who works to please himself?

No one can work to please themselves without pleasing the audiences. They are the final deciding factors for the fate of any film.