Vidyut Jamwal, John Abraham, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan: Who has the best body in Bollywood?

Posted Fri, April 12, 2013 2:02pm IST

With the release of Commando starring Vidyut Jamwal, it’s gonna be quite a showdown between the Bollywood hunks to see who has the beefiest and most sexy physique of them all…

Beefy bodies are the current trend in Bollywood. Be it a romantic film, a thriller, an action movie or even a teary emotional drama, B-town’s superstars rarely forget to pump iron. At times they look so buff onscreen that it feels like they’ve worked out just seconds before the scene was canned! However, these men are as fit and ripped as gladiators and rarely shy away from baring their muscles on screen. So here we have them, the true hulks of Bollywood, handpicked and all buffed! Let us know who you feel has the best body in B-town!

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  • Rocky

    Salman Khan Only.

    • radhe

      hello,salman khan h r u buti i like u in your body fitting is very well by er

  • saira

    ranveer singh , hritik roshan and Vidyut Jamwal stunning and sexy bod .

    • vinayak ahire

      I just want to put it according to my order, its Vidyut,Hritik and Ranveer singh.

  • esha

    hritik , john , vidyut , and ranveer really yummy bodies



  • arni

    one and only salman sir

  • uday

    salman khan

  • ashoksingh

    vidyut has the best followed by john abraham then hritik rest are hopeless

    • Banish

      you are right buddy. i second your comment

  • roma

    salman has hotest body



  • ritika


  • shishir

    Hrithik has the best body now a days.his physiqe for krrish 3 is simply mind blowing.every1 wants a body lyk him.he has perfect ripped body in bollywood.

    • maya

      i agree rick hritik is greek god he have gorgeous body and personality luv hritik salman is like a fat uncle now days

  • rick

    only hrithik and jamwal 2nd.those who hv’nt seen hrithik’s supub body for krrish franchise.please cheack on internet,than comment and cast ur vote.and salman has the best fat body lyk a b-grade hero in bollywood.

    • Dileep

      ha ha ha ha ha ha…well said..and i am agree with one in the bollywood come even close to hrithik roshan..he is all time most good looking indian hero

    • Bijay

      I agree but salman is the pioneer of body building in bollybood. We shouldnt compare as rest are all kids infront of him……

  • ritu

    Are these ripped from workouts or steroid enhanced?

  • Puja

    Shahrukh khan has a perfect body in bollywood.

    • Vijay Rana

      I do not agree with you salman is the best body in the Bollywood. salman is the only to set the perfect body trend dear.

  • maya

    vidyut jamwal vidyut jamwal

  • JD

    John Abraham,the total package.

    • ARYAN

      No one can build body like john height wieght everything perfectt john is only the inspiration for the young

  • Sunny thoughts

    Salman! Salman! Salman! Imagine how fit he is given the age hanndicap too!

  • sam

    hey bollywoodlife u pls upload Hrithik’s krrish 3 physiqe nt 3 years old kites look.he is more muscular nd ripped dan every1 wud know who has da best body!

  • gill boy

    John abrahim

  • Pooja

    Srk is perfect
    Go shahrukh
    You have the best body
    It is not exajurated like other people

  • Balli

    Shahrukh has the best body
    Love you sexy man

  • Ronit

    The log of bollywood bless u
    Srk body reflects the perfect man
    So u are the best the others are hopeless

  • Carol

    What a silly voting. The best body got Arjun Rampal and he´s got the Mens Health cover of Portugal, Malaysia and India with it. So why don´t you involved him instead of (I´ve got once a sixpack in 2010) SRK?

  • dr sidhsrtha sinha

    vidyut has best body

  • Adam

    Hrithik and all the bollywood actor are inspired by salman khan and sallu bhai is d best

  • babbi

    hrithik roshan

  • surjeet singh

    hithik roshan have a nice body then every one and his looks also very good like hollywood super star.


    SRK!!…looks the sexiest of them all!!and has a very sexy look on his face..!!wooooh..faint!


    Salman khan

  • Nithish

    HrithikRoshan is the lucky cham

  • mirza khader baig

    Salman has a great body and nobody will after him. He still carry his image with his body and now new generation also follow him. salman rock

  • Mubashar Nadeem

    Vidyut jamal rocks…Even salman haven’t bady like vidyut…………..

  • moin pajee

    only salman khan have nice body in bollywood nobody will after him

  • Rumaan

    Salman n Only Salman Deserve Dis

  • King imran

    Vidyut Jamwal, John Abraham, & Hrithik Roshan have best,
    perfect, yummy, bodies, stunning and sexy bod ripped body in bollywood.

  • Sayantan

    Salman has the best toned physique…!!! Who cares about WWE style muscles… go and watch Body Plus ads… you’ll find thousands there…

  • hiren


  • Salman tahir

    Salman khan of best body not shahrukh khan and hritik roshan body these hijra

    • srk fan

      john abraham has the best body at present.hrithik is second.salman once had a good body but now he is a fat uncle.

      • pranav thapliyal

        nupsss……..hrithik has the body of a hunk which nobody has in bolwood..sory bt its true,,no 1 match hrithik hzzz awsum yr

  • Vijay Rana

    Salman Khan best body in Bollywood .
    Salman Khan ne trend set kiya tha isliye sare hero isko aajkal copy kar rahe hai.
    Lekin public phir bhi salman ko pasand karti hai.

  • vivek

    I think John and vidyut has best body in bollywood

  • Kamal Ashraf

    Salman khan

  • sagar

    so cool boody of salman

  • Rushabh Bhadani

    Hrithik Is BEst IN WoRld

  • priyank

    salman khan is the best

  • Raja haldar

    I like salman khan you now hitts supar star nayok.

  • rezaul hoque

    i am rezaul hoque. My body size(2013),biceps-16.5 ”,chest-44”,waist-33 ” ,hight-5’11”,weight-72 kg. .. .. .. Salman khan is my favaorite actor in our country.salman is the best body in bollzwood mahal.

  • asad

    john abraham had osume body



  • Mohit Kumar

    Vidyut Jamwal is the fittest hero……He has good body style….shoulder…abs….biceps…..legs…..Besides these ; he is a real action hero….he does not use wire cables or computer graphics for his stunts…..his body is flexible and superb….in one word he is AMAZING…….. Vidyut Jamwal is the best…..what a super real action hero…………one and only Vidyut Jamwal…..

  • vaibhav chothe

    salman khan body only , he has atrractive look also

  • sharavn rajul

    I think john is best stunned in bollywood

  • shahid

    No one can compare Salman Khan in body look.

  • sonu bhalavi

    hrithik best

    • saif

      Salman is the best

    • He

      Vidyut best

    • Rituraj Biswas

      Hritik chest is very bad it’s not pumpy chest

  • Afsal Samad

    salman best

  • imran

    Salman khan is best body

  • Sameer Samrat

    Vidyut best

  • Rituraj Biswas

    As per me am doing gym for 5 months my arms are 16 inches and I am 17 years old so I wanna say that in bollywood the actors do not has a phisique like bodybuilder their body is fit and fine according to me salman has a well volume with less cut figure his chest is thick but he don’t has lats but hritik in sense has big lats so comparison is very talf but salman is the best with a big volume figure my vote to salman

    • OhYeah

      Learn to type first, then comment on others body. Oh yeah, you have 16″ arms? Yeah dude, those are called thighs not arms. You are measuring at the wrong place. And obviously you have no idea what fitness is.

      • Ch Asad

        tiger shroff >>> hrithik+ is the best body and i like both .and both of my fevert actors .,,,,.

  • veeru

    John is best

  • mubarakkhan

    john abraham is best body and hotest guy john only

  • Prithwish Majumder

    Always Salman bcoz age is proved, who is the great… they will come to come but can’t competition With, ” GOD GIFTED”to ” SALMAN”

  • karan

    vidyut jamwal + tiger shroff >>> hrithik+ salman+ any fucking body.
    vidyut jamwal has not only sexy physique but also the fittest body.
    he doesnt go to gym .. he do bodyweight training, calisthenics which is far more tough than gymming.
    and salman? really? he is like a balloon filled with air.
    he cant even raise his kicks let alone other martial stunts.
    Hrithik & john are mere steroids.
    so they all arent even in the league with vidyut when it comes to fitness.

  • pawan

    john abrahm