Vikram Bhatt reveals why 1920: Evil Returns is named that

The writer-producer admits that the story is different, and so is the cast. Yet, the soon-to-be-released horror movie qualifies as a sequel. And here’s how…

1920: Evil Returns is all set to be released on November 2. And amidst the horrifying buzz the movie is generating hangs a doubt – is it really a sequel? “The story is different, no doubt. But this movie is also set in a castle, has good music and is a horror film,” Vikram Bhatt said.

And is that enough? “It’s easier to explain the movie to the audience. Today if 1920 was called Darkness or some such other name, there would be too much to explain what this movie is about,” Bhatt explains and adds, “Like Jism 2 can’t be 1920, right? You know exactly what elements make Jism 2 and what elements go into making a movie like 1920.”

Does that mean we should (again) gear up for some spooky thrills? Take a look at the poster and tell us – did it scare you, readers?