Vikram, Rana Daggubati make up after online spat over their Bollywood careers!

The upcoming Telugu actor clears the air with the Southern superstar after a war of words

There were some angry comments from Rana Daggubati, after Vikram was quoted as saying in a recent interview that Rana was not so successful in his Bollywood career. In an interview, Vikram was quoted as saying, “Look at Rana Daggubati. He started in the Telugu industry and came to Bollywood but he hadn’t made any headway in the South. Now he’s not bothered about the Telugu industry. To work in Bollywood, I have to leave everything and come here.”

The young actor hit back on his microblogging page saying, ‘Dear Mr Vikram, I see you quote me and my directions in quite a few media interactions of yours recently. It is best if you focus on your career that isn’t headed in the right direction with close to 10-odd disasters in your kitty,’ wrote the young actor on his microblogging page.’

He added, ‘I’m barely 2 and ½ years old as an actor and…You are almost close to 25 years. Stay put on yours as I am on mine :)’

Following this, there was a heated debate on social networking platforms between the supporters of Rana and Vikram. However, the end to the controversy came soon, when Rana himself posted a new message, ‘Spoke to actor Vikram finally, says it’s a misquote from what he actually said. Glad the air is cleared. Apologies to him and his fans for my harsh reaction.’