Vir Das plugs ‘Delhi Belly’ during his stand-up acts

The actor appeals his stand-up comedy audience to go watch his latest comic caper at the slightest opportunity he gets

Bollywood’s current competitive market spares no one, be it Big B or Salman Khan. From television to ground events to tweeting, the stars do everything possible to sell their films. Sometimes actors end up spending more time on promoting and marketing of the film than they do on making of it! Closer to a film’s release there is no personal and professional space, the lines get totally blurred. And in such tough times one can’t blame Vir Das for lapping up a golden opportunity to put in a word for his forthcoming film. Last night was the 35th show of Vir’s latest stand up act ‘History of India’. Not once but twice he appealed to the 800-plus viewers, who were in splits with his wisecracks, to go watch Delhi Belly. Earlier Vir acted in Mumbai Salsa, Namastey London and Badmaash Company but none of them made a big impression. On the other hand, Delhi Belly, which plays up his strongest asset— comedy, looks like a perfect platform to start his acting career afresh. And if this film works, it is bound to boost Vir’s stand up career as well. So no wonder the actor is leaving no stone unturned! Smart move we say.