Vishwaroopam 2 and Moo – Kamal Haasan’s two new babies!

The Ulaga Nayagan is all set to begin work on two new projects and might play a triple role in one of them

Kamal Haasan is not a man who gets perturbed easily. The dust around his mega ambitious project Vishwaroopam‘s controversy  has just about settled, but the actor-director is not going to take it easy. He has already chalked out plans for two new filmsVishwaroopam 2 and then Moo.

Moo, meaning three, is the story of three lives. Buzz is that Kamal might play all the three roles, considering he had donned 10 different hats in Dasavathaaram. Moo is likely to be made in English and could tentatively be called Triple Impact.

Kamal’s spokesperson told a newspaper, “There’s no official confirmation about Moo yet. Kamal sir is planning to make Vishwaroopam 2 next and he had mentioned that even during the talks with the Muslim groups. He has already shot most of the film and will shoot the remaining portions soon. In fact, when Vishwaroopam ends, there’s an indication that the sequel will take place in India.”

We salute the star’s spirit!