Vivek Agnihotri thought Ashton Kutcher was a hippie!

Really? Maybe the Hate Story director needs an eye check-up…just kidding!

Who in broad daylight wouldn’t recognise Hollywood’s heartthrob Ashton Kutcher? Ask any pretty young thing or teeny bopper about him and they will dole out oodles of information on the Two and Half Men actor. The ex-husband of Demi Moore, remember? While we may not be too well-versed with AK’s past and present, we don’t think we are as bad as filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri.

It so happened that the Hate Story director and American hottie’s visit to the Indian capital city coincided. That’s not all; Agnihotri and Kutcher were staying at the same place – Hotel Claridges in Delhi. And one day both filmi personalities ended up in the waiting area around the same time.

Something led to something and Vivek and Ashton got talking about movie-making, the films made on shoestring budgets. But all through the conversation the Hate Story filmmaker didn’t have the slightest hint that he was talking to an international star! When Vivek was asked about the incident, he accepted it and said, “I didn’t recognise him!” Sigh!

And about Ashton, the Bollywood director said: “He looked more of a hippie with a beard. But he is a charmer, nonetheless. It also it means that his look was so perfect to play (Steve) Jobs.” Ashton was in India to shoot the Apple founder’s Indian sojourn for a bio-pic on the techie.

Damn, what a waste of golden opportunity, na? Had Vivek known who he was speaking to, he could have got the Hollywood hottie to do a dance jig – if not an entire role – in his next film! ‘Coz Hollywood’s current favourite destination is India; and after all, Bollywood is about Indian people, by Indian people and for Indian people.