Vivek Mishra: Kapil Sharma should lose weight

The ex-Bigg Boss contestant, who was spotted wearing a T-shirt similar to Kapil Sharma in an episode of Comedy Nights with Kapil claims that the comedian needs to do Yoga and get into shape

Vivek Mishra, India’s naked Yoga guru came into limelight after participating in Bigg Boss season 7. When queried about the T-shirt, he said, “Kapil chose to wear the same T-shirt as mine. I feel that I inspired him to add colour to his wardrobe.”

The yoga expert believes that Kapil needs to lose weight to fit into his clothes. Vivek, who has never interacted with Kapil, but seen him in award shows said, “It feels great to be an inspiration where a standup comedian copies your clothes, however, Kapil Sharma should lose weight and reduce his fat belly to fit into my clothes. He should start practicing Yoga and once he has toned down I would send all my T-shirts to him.”

Vivek also claims that Kapil is not the sole reason behind the TRP gain of the show.”No doubt, CNWK is a hit show. Characters like Dadi, Bua and Palak, help Kapil. I don’t think he alone could have made the show so successful. He needs to be more spontaneous.”

Well that’s quite daring for Vivek’s to give Kapil advice on how to dress and to do comedy. Will Kapil listen to Vivek’s advice or return the favour on social networking sites remains to be seen…