Vivek Oberoi bigger than Salman Khan!

Vivek Oberoi bigger than Salman Khan!

Says the Zilla Ghaziabad actor. Hope he is prepared to bear the repercussions for his cheeky comment

We think Vivek Oberoi has forgotten the after effects of a press conference he had held years ago. The Company debutant, who was crazily smitten by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan back then, publicly voiced his rage against her ex-beau Salman Khan for making incessant calls one night soon after the Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam pair had broken-up.

Then Vivek’s career started sliding downwards. The actor – who according to Yash Raj Film’s scion Aditya Chopra had the potential to be the next ‘Shahrukh Khan’ – was slowly and steadily boycotted by top filmmakers to avoid Sallu’s wrath. For a while after the incident, the married actor kept a low profile and severally tried to appease the angered Khan, but it was pointless.

It’s been more than a few years since the unpleasant event occurred, and Vivek and Sallu still share a strained relationship. But it seems the younger actor is bored of his low-lying career, cautious behaviour and unexciting existence in B-town. At an event the outspoken actor was asked: which film between his next with Soham Shah, Sher and Salman Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger was a bigger film?. Instead of being politically correct Vivek said, “Sher, tiger se bada hota hain…

Will Salman react? Or will he ignore it? We can’t wait to know the Blockbuster Khan’s response to Vivek’s cheeky message!

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  • salman khan is sher and tiger.Vivek Oberoi is rat and donkey

    salman khan is sher and tiger.Vivek Oberoi is rat and donkey.

    Vivek Oberoi is stupid person in indian television.
    you know whats going to be difference between your sher and salman khan sher
    salman khan khan sher is going to be superhit10000 times better then yours
    your is going to be disater in in indian cinema

    • vivek domes

      how dare you keep your movies sher.
      vivek your movies name should be rat or donkey

  • Saifratna

    Vivek is out of his mind… He needs treatment as soon as possible..

  • ayesha

    ya he is donkey
    but b4 that he is a
    sheikh chilli—
    nd i think v shud
    not comment on sheikh chilli.

  • ayesha

    nd plz not compare this sheikh
    chilli vid THE GREAT SALMAAN KHAN.

  • jaaaaaay

    it signifies that cine-celebs r total a** h****…….tiger is much stronger than a lion(sher)….Indian media is 2 b blamed 4 all such stupid publications from those m***** f****** bollynautanks

  • Sara

    Kim kardashian called Indian food “disgusting”(read in all the headlines in the US)
    We Indians need to write this all over over Indian blogs to rip that lady apart. How rude!

  • Rick

    I think both Sallu and vivek needs treatment.
    khud apko Sher or Tiger samagte hai.
    But in real they r foolish than a Donkey.

  • aim

    BL once again makes a mountain out of a mole hill.

  • Raj Kumar Yadav

    Shame on you, BL, for writing such a stupid article! Vivek is no where near Salman Khan! He is just using his name to get some media hypes! Fortunately for Vivek, Salman has abandoned the habit of fighting and doesn’t care any longer about what others talk about him. And Vivek, do you even know English and have knowledge about Wildlife! What is Tiger called in Hindi? You, useless dumb!

  • bigyan singh bsta

    hero must be like of ombuck

  • Tipul

    That’s why your career never took off Vivek.. Because you were always arrogant and never learned a thing from your past and this proves that