Vivek Oberoi: B-town’s famous gatecrasher

The actor has invited himself to several parties hosted by other Bollywood celebs…but is he welcome?

So Vivek Oberoi has patched up with Sanjay Dutt. Taken him quite a while, hasn’t it? Both the star sons were actually quite cordial with each other till Maanayata entered the picture. Psssst – we hear Viv tried to get a little too friendly before he realised that Sanju was the man! And then VO gatecrashed the Dutts’ Mata ki chowki last year. Of course, his camp claims that he was invited, while the Dutts’ side insists he was not. We would have easily believed him, even come up with conspiracy theories about certain elements in B-Town wanting to expand the rift between the two, except for one tiny fact – this was not the first time Vivek landed up at a do and surprised his hosts. There was the Salman Khan event in Delhi some time ago. Now we don’t have to remind you why those two are not talking! Then last January, Vivek gatecrashed a party at Shahrukh Khan’s home (of course, his friends again claim that he was invited). Soon after that, he was spotted surprising the Bachchans at the premiere of Rann. Now you know how he and the Bachchans share a less-than-cordial relationship. And don’t forget how way before that he landed up at the funeral of Amitabh Bachchan’s mother (a few months after Abhishek wed his former love, Aishwarya Rai). After all the Vivek–Aishwarya drama, we wonder what he was…err…thinking while he donned his white outfit to pay condolences. Anyway, so now that Vivek and the Dutts have called a truce, maybe Viv will get lucky, and Salman will follow Sanjay’s example. And maybe Hell will freeze over.