Vivek Oberoi furious over false accusations

The actor claims that he should be the last person to be accused of smoking in a public place as he’s the ambassador of WHO’s anti-smoking movement and has been working towards this cause for years now

Vivek Oberoi is under the scanner yet again, and this time not for foolhardily messing up with some senior actor or attending a party uninvited but for smoking hookah in a public space. Considering that’s something which is banned and prohibited by the government, Mr Oberoi created headlines a few days ago when he was at a five star hotel having a good time with his friends. The place was raided by the cops and fifteen hookahs were seized on the spot. Now it seems Vivek made the much needed clarification from his side and stated that he was only dining with his buddies and nothing else. Although the hotel has sent an apology letter to the actor for all the inconvenience and distress he had to go through, this whole incident has left the actor fuming. Despite being awarded by the United Nations for his contribution to the anti-tobacco movement, Oberoi is hurt by the irony that he, out of all the people, has been made to go through such humiliation.

What can we say Vivek, life is not always fair. And in your case, we wonder why the odds are always stacked against you!