Vivian DSena: I will not kiss onscreen!

Vivian Dsena: I will never kiss onscreen
Yogen Shah

He’s hot, charming and a gentleman, and he has girls swooning all over him

Vivian DSena aka RK of Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon wants never to kiss onscreen, he loves to cook for his friends and wants to spend all his free time with Vahbbiz Dorabjee, his wife. But he is willing to talk about all this and more…

Do you think you’ve achieved star status?

I am no one to decide that. I think it’s the audience who decides that. I am just an actor and my job is to keep my audience entertained. Therefore, I’m not the right person to answer that.

What about RK’s character do you love and hate most?

There’s nothing to hate; I love it all. It’s a very different character on TV so far. The best part about RK is his unpredictability. What he will do, even he doesn’t know. His spontaneity is what I love.

Is it true that you lost about 14 kilos for this role?

I was a big fat ass! I weighed about 98 kg before; now I am about 84 kg. I still have to lose a few more kilos.

What is your fitness regime?

I just follow a healthy diet, which includes six meals a day. I eat small portions and I do not skip rice, ‘ coz that’s my favourite.

Do long working hours take a toll on your relationship with Vahbbiz?

No, not at all. I work for 12 hours and the rest of the time is dedicated to her.

Was it love at first sight for you and Vahbbiz?

We had a shoot in Panchgani; our relationship started when we came back from that. It was very spontaneous.

Is Vahbbiz okay with your intimate scenes with Drashti Dhami?

Forget Vahbbiz, even I am not okay about getting intimate with my co-star. There’s a thin line between romance and getting intimate. I know my limit and know where to draw the line. I won’t even kiss onscreen and I definitely won’t do any consummation scenes either.

Do you think you’ve grown as an actor?

Yes, I think I have. I learn every day of my life. I have never had any schooling in acting; whatever I’ve learned is on the sets, while working.

So what keeps you busy besides work?

I love spending time with Vahbbiz. I love shopping – in fact, we both do. Apart from that, I like playing soccer and cooking for my friends. And I can cook everything from Indian to Italian.

Would you call Rishab Kundra a negative hero?

No, I don’t think he is a negative hero, but he has shades of grey. Everyone has a bad side and RK is brutish for a reason.

Do you think television soaps are a stepping stone to films?

No, not really. I’ve never done anything with a motive. I just go with the flow. I just believe that if I am good at my work and people like me, they will take me anywhere.

Were you ever approached for films?

I have been offered a few roles, but they never really worked out. Certain commercial films didn’t work out in time and by then I had already signed on to do Madhubala. They demanded long dates, which was not possible ‘coz I had already committed myself.

Who is your favourite film star and which is your favourite movie?

I love Salman Khan and all his movies are my favourite films.

What turns you on and off in a woman?

I like simple women who don’t wear too much make-up or jewellery. I don’t like tomboys either. She should be graceful, but not over the top. Vahbbiz is the perfect blend of a woman and a tomboy.

Is Vahbbiz planning to get back to TV shows?

Yes, she is. She has been getting several offers, but none too good. Right now, she is busy with her theatre work.

Will you work with Vahbbiz in any show?

I have been looking for a producer who would cast Vabhz and me in a show together.

One thing you like and dislike about your wife…

Vahbbiz is a Sagittarius, so she’s extremely short tempered, but the best part is that she cools down really fast too. She can’t be angry more than 20 minutes.

Madhubala or Pyaar Ki Ek Kahaani?

Both shows are different. Pyaar Ki… is special ‘coz I met Vahbbiz there. That show established me and made who I am today. Madhubala is like payback.

Drashti Dhami or Sukirti Kandpal: the better co-star?

Both of them are good actors and professional. They work very differently from each other.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Anushka kasera

    The whole interview ws awsm……..

  • dash

    Awesome……………as the Man Himself

  • sain

    you are doing great job Vivian d Sena as RK same like as abhay rai chand my cute vampire i love him most than any other character and for him i like to watch you as Rk but don’t grey shade i skip those episodes because i know that you are good actor and i can hate you after watching those episodes in which you ditch madhu same like other fans who stop watching you and never like RK.
    very nice work keep rocking in future
    but i want to watch you as good dancer
    if you got chance in films i want to see how you not cross those lines or limits which you draw for drama or tv shows. why you always scared to appreciate sukriti aka pia and dd aka madhu.

  • Vivilicious

    i am a very big fan of you vivu but no consummation scenes ???? I understand no to kissing because a lot of actors refuse it but every hindi show has consummation scene. show has ishq and junoon in it’s title .please do justice to it. Also if RK and madhu will get married how will they show their SR ? I hope not like balika vadhu. If done decently , consummation scenes can also look good . it is an essential part of romance and love onscreen .

    all the best to you and vahbiz , love you both .

    • ashu

      fully agreed with u dear….he shud do some intimate scenes….justice to its character…..i think he fear if he fall in love with dhrasti dhami..

  • shaikheena019

    undoubtedly Vivian Dsena iz a fab actor n i really appreciate whatever he said he’s a vry genuine n hardworking guy… i wish n hope dat he reach d stars of success… n ll soon get d moment to watch him in bollywood movies… All d best n wish his hardwork ll make it worth

  • Preetydipu

    I love you Vivan as RK but what’s up with all this boundarys. As a actor u should do everything that is require and if you don’t want to do in then why romantic show do some sans bhaus show which don’t require anything just drama drama and full on drama…I show u doing some intimate scenes with Sukrute then why not with DD and DD is your friend so at list u won’t feel bad too and she is very supportive in everything…

    • ashu

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  • kaamna sharma

    super awesome interview ,and i really loved vivian’s frank answers,i am just loving vivian’s acting ,expressions,style&attitude a lot,and must say i loved his acting in Pyaar kii ye ek kahaani,just loved his vampire role of abhay raichand ,and now Rk -the superstar,and also would like to say that in the serial Madhubala,he has improved more&more as an actor.Whatever role on screen vivian does,be it abhay raichand or Rk-the superstar,he does noth the role with so much dedication and with perfection .And i am vivian’s biggest fan,not even missed a single episode of both Pyaar kii ye ek kahaani as well as Madhubala.

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