Vivian DSena:I don’t interfere in Drashti Dhami’s career or life and she stays out of mine!

Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junnon actors seem to be at logger heads,  time and again their off screen rivalry has made headlines

Vivian DSena in a recent interview revealed hi real chemistry with co-star Drashti Dhami. While television buffs have for long enjoyed RK and Madhu’s on screen chemistry, off screen all you can expect is ice cold vibes and non-commital statements. So, we weren’t surprised to hear Vivian say this about his equation with Drashti Dhami, “I don’t interfere in Drashti’s career or life and she stays out of mine. We do our job and go home, we are professionals. I don’t come on the set to be friends with her.”

Clearly, Drashti and Vivian are great actors, hai na? Considering their strong opinions about each other and strictly professional rapport they put up a good act in front of the cameras.