Waheeda Rehman mourns friend Nanda’s death, cancels book launch event

Fri, March 28, 2014 12:14pm UTC by Add first Comment
Waheeda Rehman mourns friend Nanda’s death, cancels book launch event
Yogen Shah

It’s hard to find real friends in Bollywood, but there are exceptions sometimes…

That Waheeda Rehman and the Late actor Nanda shared a warm friendship is well known fact, but their bond is something that is rare and special not just in Bollywood but even otherwise. Rehman who was supposed to grace a book launch event called excused herself from appearing at the event. 

In an interview to a daily, Nasreen Munni Kabir the author who got reclusive Waheeda Rehman to open up about her life and document it in an authorised biography said, “She was in a flood of tears after learning that her best friend Nanda had succumbed to a heart attack. She told me that I’d have to cancel the launch because she couldn’t dress up and face the camera. It would be hypocritical. We suggested a release sometime next week but Waheedaji needs more time.”

Kabir also added that theirs was a friendship of almost 50 years and even reminisced the two veteran stars first meeting, “They met at a studio and Nandaji was piqued by the fact that Waheedaji didn’t return her smile. But a few days later, when they started shooting for Kala Bazaar, Waheedaji invited her for lunch, told her she could use the bathroom attached to her make-up room and the two became good friends.”

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