Wannabe actor Poonam Pandey poses semi-nude for the Indian cricket team

The leggy lass is at it again! This picture is the sexy siren’s attempt to pep up the men in blue who have been struggling during their tour of England

Model and wannabe actor Poonam Pandey has been threatening to strip for quite some time now. She first swore to go nude if the Indian cricket team won the World Cup. But when the men in blue brought home the cup, Poonam didn’t really stick to her statement. She said she would to do it whenever and wherever the team would ask her to. But unfortunately for the girl, Dhoni and his boys didn’t react to her statements at all. The babe just doesn’t seem to give up though. Now, she has posted a semi-nude picture of her on a micro-blogging site to inspire the cricket team which has been having a terrible run in England. She tweeted: “The world will see that I lived up to my inspiration. Now, I am sure my team will beat England. Our time has come.” And just before uploading the pic, she said: “All my followers count till 100 and a motivational pic for Men in Blue is on its way.”

If that wasn’t enough Poonam went ahead and promised to upload one new revealing pic each time the Indian teams wins a match. “Hence forth I PROMISE Every Match the Boys win will Keep Posting PIX for Every Win..n It WIll get Hotter n Hotter Every time… But for the Day will Post One More Pic for u all .. but for that u Shud #Retweet my Previous tweet the More u do .. the Sooner i do!!!.. LOVE U ALL 🙂 Muuuuwwwaaaah.”

Now we don’t know if this picture is meant to make the Indian team focus on their game or whether it’s a ploy to distract the England team enough for the Indians to pull of that elusive victory in the on-going England series! Anyway, we think that some of the B-town men should also take Ms Pandey’s cue and offer to strip for a good cause. Salman Khan, John Abraham, Imran Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan, Shahrukh Khan and Farhan Akhtar- are you guys listening?