Want Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor to help you choose a gift for your brother?

On the occasion on Bhai Dooj, what do you plan to gift your sibling? Imran Khan, Ranveer Singh and Emraan Hashmi have some suggestions…

Bhai Dooj is celebration time for siblings all across the country. During this festival, sisters pray for the long life of their brothers and give them gifts. People say that it’s difficult to buy gifts for girls, but every year on Bhai Dooj girls across the nation – and the world, we are sure – go crazy trying to find that one perfect present for their male sibs. Buying gifts for men can be a very tough task. Usually, sisters end up buying the conventional and convenient gift, be it clothes, music or video games et al. But why not opt for something a little different this year, we thought. So we looked to our Bollywood celebs to see if they could help and Ranveer Singh, Imran Khan, Ranbir Kapoor and Emraan Hashmi did come up with some useful suggestions.

Ranveer Singh has been grabbing headlines with Ram-Leela, for various reasons. For one, his look. On numerous occasions we’ve spotted this lad sporting balis (earrings) and necklaces. These accessories look quite hot if you wear them with the right outfit.

Ranbir Kapoor too was seen sporting a chain around his neck and the flirty guy wore a leather jacket with that. Does that ensemble work to show off his wild and quirky side?

Imran Khan has been spotted wearing earrings. With balis in his ears, this honey-eyed hunk looks like he too has joined the baddies. Does he get that from maamu Aamir Khan, who often sticks wifey Kiran Rao’s small silver hoops into his ears?

Emraan Hashmi prefers rings over any other accessory. And these are not just any rings, but gem-studded presumably-astrologically defined jewels that are supposed to ward off evil and bring in good luck.

Salman Khan always wears a turquoise bracelet, film or no film. You can even see it dangle around his wrist on Bigg Boss 7. We hear that his papa Salim Khan also wears a bracelet like that ferozi one.

If your bro belongs to the cool dude gang, you can gift him earrings or chains to celebrate your affection for him. You could also buy a leather jacket to add to his sexy look. And if your brother is the religious type, you can buy him a ring with his lucky stone to protect him. Why should boys be the ones to always do the protection thing, hai na? So rush to the nearest store, buy a gift and get all set for the puja. Happy Bhai Dooj, everyone!