Want to be a seductress like Katrina Kaif in Dhoom:3?

Want to be a seductress like Katrina Kaif in Dhoom:3?

Kat has been praised and bashed alike by critics for her latest Dhoom:3 number Dhoom machale, but we’re sure there are many who’d like to attain that same look…

Katrina Kaif’s moves in Dhoom machale dhoom weren’t quite exciting. However, there’s no denying that she looked smokin’ hot in the sexy corsets in the Dhoom:3 song. Be it the black corset or the red or gold one, Kat looks very curvaceous in the bustier, laced, fringed or lether. That’s what corsets are for, hai na? They make you look superbly in shape, even though you may not really be. Wink, wink! No, we aren’t hinting that the Dhoom:3 girl’s figure isn’t tempting or toned, but we’ve got to give some credit to the clothes she wears for her seductive avatar in the song. Have you checked out Kat in the body-hugging gold corset? Boy, if you had that look, you’d get any man on his knees… err…. weak in the knees, we mean, of course! And Kat in that black one! Whoa, that’s another raunchy look from Katrina.

So, girls and ladies, why shy away from a trend that promises to add spice to your life? Why let your guy drool over Katrina when you can look as delightful as she does and divert your man’s attention to yourself instead? Here are a few options for you – shop for corsets, look hotter, sexier and much more in shape! And, psssst, enjoy…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • john

    looks like a cabaret dancer.. less dress means hotter in look?
    Aishwarya much better..