Want Yo Yo Honey Singh to sing for free? Find out how!

Here’s the secret mantra by which you can get the Lungi dance singer croon for free

Yo Yo Honey Singh, who has triggered a craze of sorts with his rapping skills charges a bomb for a gig, we all know it. But what if we tell you that we have found a secret mantra to get him sing for free. How, you ask? Well, make him have a few drinks and the work is done. And the recent events add a lot of stock to our story. Here’s what happened…

The rapper recently turned up unannounced at Rishi Acharya’s night club and was mingling with the guests and Acharya. After having a few drinks, Yo Yo walked over to the DJ console and started rapping away thus making the clubbers go bonkers. What would normally cost a bomb for his fans, turned into a free gig with the rapper performing for good fifteen minutes. Those clubbers had the luckiest day of their lives, we must say.

So now that we have told you the secret mantra, you know what to do if you intend to watch Yo Yo Honey Singh‘s gig for free.