Was Ajay Devgn the real reason behind Kangna Ranaut missing out on film promotions?

Was Ajay Devgn the real reason behind Kangna Ranaut missing out on film promotions?

While watching the promotions of Tezz and Rascals, we couldn’t help but notice that Kangy was pointedly left out of it all

Ajay Devgn’s loyalty graph to Kajol has been spotless, apart from a stray rumour that involved Kangna Ranaut. It all began when Mr Devgn was paired with Kangna during the filming of Once Upon a Time In Mumbaii. And buzz suggests that he found Ms Ranaut’s company so attractive that he pushed filmmakers to cast her in Rascals and Tezz as well! Ahem ahem.

This was followed by reports about Kajol walking out on her patidev with nine-year-old daughter Nysa and baby son Yug in tow. But soon after birdies chirped that Ajay had made amends by promising to maintain a safe distance from Kangy and brought wifey back home. Sigh!

While nothing has been confirmed, rumour mongers just refuse to let the issue pass by. And while the real reason behind Kangna’s absence from promotional events remains elusive, we can’t help but wonder if her alleged affair with the married hero actually had a role to play in it all. Or was it just a figment of someone’s overactive imagination? ‘Coz would Ajay Devgn really want to draw away from a wife as lovely as Kajol for just a few cozy moments with a co-star? What do you think, Bollywoodlifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • rania

    I do not believe this rumor but if it’s true that Ajay has deceived my best actress of bollywood he will burn at the stake. lol

  • lauriesa

    kajol wud leave this rumour is false

  • monz

    Ajay is family man it is just a rumour nothing more then that