Was Celina Jaitley harassed on an airplane?

The Janasheen actor had to face some trouble while she was traveling from Dubai to the US

From what we hear, Celina Jaitley was recently misbehaved by the cabin crew of an airline, while she was traveling from Dubai to the US to promote a UN campaign aimed at creating awareness about the rights of the LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders) community. Apparently, Jaitley bumped into friends, designer Anna Singh and jewellery designer Farah Khan Ali, in the airplane soon after which the steward misbehaved with her.

“We were meeting Celina after a long time, so we were busy chatting with her. We were seated in the business class, in the first row between the washroom and the first class. When Celina got up to go to a washroom, a steward stopped her from doing so. Moreover, his tone was extremely rude. The washroom was just four steps away from her seat, but he refused to listen to her. It was really embarrassing because he could have spoken gently instead of being rude to her,” Anna was quoted by a tabloid.

That’s not all, When the three got off the plane, Anna confronted the steward and told him that this wasn’t the way to speak to a lady. “To this, he turned around and said that we were free to complain against him; he even gave his card to us,” Singh was further quoted.

Celina is obviously very upset after this incident and has complained to the airline company about it. “It was a strange and unfortunate event. My office has already reported the matter to the airline in keeping with the protocol and we are awaiting an answer from the airline,” the No Entry actor said.

All of this quite shocking, hai na?