Was Deepika Padukone a better choice than Kareena Kapoor Khan as Leela in Ram-Leela?

Was Deepika Padukone a better choice than Kareena Kapoor Khan as Leela in Ram-Leela?

Earlier, Kareena was supposed to play Bhansali’s Leela. However, she walked out and then Deepika was roped in. Who do you think looks better?

Reportedly, Deepika Padukone wasn’t the first choice for Leela in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram-Leela. Earlier, Kareena Kapoor Khan was supposed to play the role but she later opted out. Recently, Kareena’s photo was posted on Twitter which stated that it was clicked while she was trying outfits for Ram-Leela. Whether that’s true or not, do you think Bebo looks better in this ghagra choli than Deepika in the character of Leela?

In the film, Leela is a rebellious Gujarati girl, who is feisty with a mature touch. Hmmm… In Kareena’s picture posted on Twitter, she looks more like a bubbly babe dressed in a desi style. At the same time, as soon as Deepika wears a lehenga, she somehow blends with the character of Leela. Well, it could be ‘coz Bebo hasn’t done the traditional makeup in this shot, which is why she fails to appease as Leela. However, we’ve also seen Deepika’s pic clicked on the sets of Ram-Leela in between shots and she still looks more convincing.

While Kareena looks beautiful, Deepika looks like a true Indian beauty. Both the actors look glamorous in their own unique way. However, do you think was Deepika a better choice than Kareena? Do you think Bebo would’ve shared an equally sizzling chemistry with Ranveer Singh. So BollywoodLifers, tell us who looks better in the Leela avatar: Deepika or Kareena?Subscribe to me on YouTube



    I think Karena Kapoor will play the role better then Deepika Padokon. Because Karena looks very much active in any role teht she has played.

    • Raina Farzin

      Yes, Deepika Padukone was better choose for this role which is suits her very will and matches for The Great Indian Looks. She is perfect for it and more than talented then Kareena Kapoor Khan.

    • Manjiri

      How bland…..
      Deeps rocksssss…She looks, beautiful, stunning,sexy,gracious,intense n everything the character needed to b like..

  • Bee

    Kareena unfortunately would have looked too mature paired against Ranveer…she would also have put a different spin on the character of Leela and I can’t imagine anyone doing it as well as Deepika did justice to the role. Also Kareena dancing the folk garba steps would have been a challenge..Mrs Pataudi would not have made that effort and gotten the skin of her feet tearing like Deepika..nor danced like that with a strained back as Deepika did.

  • shohbit

    it would have been a dabba flop if kareena played leela

  • ajay biswas

    kareena is too old to play leela and she overacts in sensuous character. deepika is perfect fit

  • Sizzy

    I think Kareena would do better than Deepika..

    • Anonymous

      How? Almost all of Kareena’s films r flops…she’s been in d industry 4 so many yrs in similar roles 2 ..and all she does is overreact! Deeps has only been acting since 2006 ..and she’s had numerous successful films….she’s also proven 2 b a versatile actress..

  • Raina

    Deepika has nailed her performance by enacting Leela. Kareena is fair skin whereas Deepika is dusky but this is not a problem. The colour skin does not determine or categorise one’s beauty. Both of them are pretty and attractive in their own way. Deepika is the best choice because she is single and the audience is comfortable to see and accept the sparkling chemistry between Ram and Leela. Deepika looks convincing too. Deepika stands out as the most phenomenal actress of 2013.

  • tani

    nah..deepika is far far far bettr..
    i think this tym deepika has pove this..even her eyes were speakin accordin 2 d role..she’s d best choice for leela..
    i think noooo 1 cant stand for leela in front of deepika..i guess

  • vizz

    Dipss rocks ..i agree that kareena is beautiful but deepika is jst awesome and i dnt thnk that kareena wud have played such a sensous and mature role and folk dance was jst awesome kareena is kindoff underweight:-X

  • DRF

    Anyone couldn’t do this role so beautifully as Deepika..Deepika rockssss !!!!! Kareena is too old for this role and older than Ranveer & also her chemistry with Ranveer wouldn’t be so stunning as Deepika & Ranveer.

  • Emambi

    Off course Kareena would have been done better than Deepika.

    Kareena Is So Beautiful

  • ahsan

    of course kareena looks best and bansali knew this thats y kareena was his 1st choice……deepika was a replacement n she z lucky thus tym…..n deepika looks like a aunty in the movie n kareena would have done a better job then her….

  • shafas

    Asin is best suit for this role as she is very trained dancer and good looking girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sharifah

    You must be joking if you think Kareena looks better than Deepika or would fit into the role of Leela. Isn’t she too old for the part? She is damn ugly and damn snobbish

    • nikki

      u r right dippy is best choice for leela,kareena so old cannt see her overacting

  • Sumi

    Honestly I cant think of anyone who would have played a better Leela than Deepika, Deepika has done an amazing job in the movie & she was perfect for the role Deepika is a better dancer and I think she has a better figure for the garba songs & clothes. :)

  • W

    Kareena would have nailed this role and would have been better in many of the emotional scenes than Deepika was. Since she was the first choice, i think SLB trusted that she would be perfect.

    Her chemistry with ranveer would not have been as good as deepika’s with ranveer. Deepika’s chemistry with ranveer is one reason why the film works. Kareena would have looked a little old compared to ranveer. The movie would have flopped with Kareena in it but i think she would still have done justice to Leela’s character if she got to play it. Deepika was good in the movie,but to be honest i don’t think she has the same acting talent as Kareena does. Kareena would have been great in the film.

  • VaibhaV

    Why do u think Kareena was too old for this role….. Afterall Kareena was first choice for this role… But she opted out…. So role goes to Deepika……
    Why all of u forget kareena’s role from her past movies….. Its directors job that what he want from actress.

    • Ram’s Leela

      I’m actually glad Kareena opted out.

      I’ve not seen one movie she did where she didn’t overact. I don’t know why she has to do that, maybe overacting runs in the family or something. Even her sister, Karisma overacts. She’s just lucky that she’s a little less ugly than Karisma.

      Which brings me to the next point; why Kareena became a star in the first place, baffles me to this day. Sure she’s pleasant looking (not even pretty), but even the cashiers at grocery stores can be pleasant looking. I don’t see any of them turning into stars. Just saying.

  • tasha

    Kareena has been Bhansalis first choice for many of his films. And those who are saying Kareena has had many flops so has Deepika. She has had a lucky year which alsoKareena had. If Kareena hadnt walked out of the film Deepika wouldnt have been so lucky. Look we dont know how Kareena would have performed it im sure Bhansali knew who would have done a better job hence he had approached her first.

  • Susan

    Kareena would have done better! Sanjay Leela knew that, that is why he cast her over Deepika originally. Kareena was also the original choice for Race 2 (but she didn’t want to do another film with Saif, so it went to second pick Deepika) and Kareena was the original choice for Chennai Express (but both Shahrukh and her thought they should wait a little longer in till their next flim since they just did Ra.One).

  • Rits

    Deepika has done a wonderful job by playing the character of leela. Deepika looks so fabulous!!!! & What do u think Ranveer’s chemistry with kareena would be better than Deepika??? Never…If kareena play this role she & ranveer would look like brother & younger sister.

  • Rits

    Deepika has done a wonderful job by playing the character of leela. Deepika looks so fabulous!!!! & What do u think Ranveer’s chemistry with kareena would be better than Deepika??? Never…If kareena play this role she & ranveer would look like Younger brother & Elder sister.

  • sheena

    Deepika all the way . Please can someone tell that buddhi kareena to shut up and not brag that she gave the role to Deepika . Its part and package of the industry . No other actress raves on so much about herself as buddhi Kareena does . She should concentrate on her Buddha Saif .

    • Tasha

      What is wrong with you people from INdia. Uneducated idiots. Look at Hollywood age does not matter. We could never compare to Hollywood if our own people have issues with age. It is ridiculous to call her old as she is in her early thirties since when was that old?Well Deepika should be grateful if Kareena did not turn these roles down there would have been no way Deepika would have had the year that she did

  • Nafisa

    Is this a joke ??How fool the are !!!! who r telling that kareena would have been a great job than Deepika..& I agree that kareena was bhansali’s first choice but kareena herself said no for the film & Now she is jealousing with deepika.. But bhansali himself confessed that he took a right decision by giving the role to Deepika & He was happy with her. Bhansali also praised Deepika in the last shoot of ram-leela for her acting. & Deepika has done a wonderful job & proved that she was the right choice for Ram-leela.

  • nadia

    Kareena is perfect in any role ?………and the topic of who is better for ram leela so kareena is better…….kyunki sanjayleela ne khud pehle kareena ko sugest kiya tha aur agar opposite actor ranveer singh h tu acha hi h k kareena ne ye film nhi ki ?……………kareena aur koi aur actor hota tu shayad ye film super duper hit jati well sanjayleela ki kismat.

  • Bittu

    kareena know dat she can’t justify d role so she quit…. dats it… deepika is such a challenging actress who loves to try different role n never repeat d same so deepika is best for leela…

  • Pinky Hojai

    I like Kareena she is my favourite . Its difficult to say who looks better in the Leela avatar, coz I think Bebo would make a different Leela. But Deepika has done a fabulous job in the movie, she looked really convincing as Leela n has delivered a decent performance . N I think she has an extra edge over Bebo as she is a better dancer , Ram Leela required a lot of dancing n Deepika perfectly fits the bill.. But I would have loved to see Bebo as Leela , dancing on the Gujrati folk songs could have a challenge for her I have never seen her playing such roles ..

  • Annon

    Kareena WIll Be better

    she is more pretty and better actor and also crowd puller

  • Ram