Was Hawaa Hawaai’s Saqib Saleem relieved after the delay of Rajinikanth’s Kochadaiiyaan?

Amole Gupte’s latest offering will be competing many other films this Friday, but at least they have one movie less to compete

Saqib Saleem and Partho Gupte’s latest release Hawaa Hawaii has been very well accepted by critics and is all set to do great at the box office, but is it because of Kochadaiiyaan‘s postponement? We wonder…

When we met Saqib up at the YRF studios recently he was all praise for his film and he was confident that even if Rajinikanth’s Kochadaiiyaan released alongside his film, Hawaa Hawaai would have done well. So did the competition never scare him? He retorts, “Who is competing? We are not. We made our film and we are releasing our film, that’s all. When Rajini sir is coming, we are nobody to compete. But yes, I am very confident of my film, and I think my film will do well even if it gets released alongside Kochadaiiyaan. My film will have a specific audience base and it will be watched, just like my past films. I just hope it gets a fair chance. If people watch it, they will definitely like it. In such kind of tough markets it is very difficult t get a solo Friday release date. I personally believe it is always good to be the underdog. If our film is good, it will come and it will do well despite being released alongside big films. There is no shame in being the underdog, as people don’t expect much from you and once you surprise them, they are happy and applaud you a lot for your film and end up loving your film.”

We wonder whether he is being diplomatic in his words just to conceal the excitement of the fact that the Rajinikanth starrer 3D motion capture film Kochadaiiyaan has got postponed from May 9 to May 23. Saqib retorts by saying, “Am not being diplomatic at all. See, Rajinikanth is living legend. You can’t compete with him ever. But at the same time I am very very confident about my film and I think it will do well, if people give it a fair chance. Every film has a fate and a longevity. I have never bothered about box-office numbers. All I have ever bothered about are reviews. I check each and every review that comes of my film or of my acting.”

Will the movie be able to cash in on the delay of the magnum opus Rajinikanth film? Only time will tell us. Keep watching this space to know that. But for now, go ahead BollywoodLifers and check out Hawaa Hawaai, which is winning hearts all across.