Was John Abraham two-timing Bipasha Basu?

Was John Abraham two-timing Bipasha Basu?

There are strong rumours that John Abraham met his current beau during the last few months of his relationship with Bipasha Basu. And his philandering ways was a prime reason for the breakup

John Abraham was recently spotted with his new girlfriend Priya Runchal at a public do, which set many tongues wagging and opened up a can of worms. Since the Desi Boyz actor didn’t take too long to find a new beau and indirectly expressed that he is ready for marriage, gossipmongers believe there is more than the fear of commitment for John breaking up with his girlfriend of eight years, Bipasha Basu. Insiders say that the dishy dude met Priya a little before he called it quits with Bips and the prime reason behind the split is supposed to be John’s two-timing attitude. At first, we did not believe it as John always came across a faithful boyfriend. However, if you go with the stories that came out about how he was spotted with a mysterious lady at plush restaurants soon after the breakup, you know the two-timing theory could be true. After some digging around, we found out that in the past (before the filming of Nagesh Kukunoor’s Aashayein) John and Bips went through a rough patch because of John’s overfriendly gestures with women around him. But that time they decided to make their relationship work. Now, if you put all these stories hovering around the couple together, perhaps John did cheat on Bipasha and it did break their beautiful relationship. However, we will never know the truth, as Bips doesn’t believe in washing dirty linen in public. Apparently, recently at a public platform she wished John and his new beau all the best, but insiders know she is extremely hurt. Tell us what you think is the real for the John-Bipasha breakup!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Goldybehl

    Hmm – its a lesson for misguided libs like Bips. Women who sleep around at the drop of a hat and think they can use s*x to blind the guy’s brains and bag him or fool him do it at their own risk, when they fail they cry foul! Tisk Tisk one reaps what you sow!

  • Balan

    Gosh its so simple – he did not commit to her cause he did not think she was worthy of that. Seeing that he does not like her and cant stand her she shud have moved on and married someone else. If she did not, it is her fault. She can still move on or be the sour grape who was discarded.

  • Tussshar

    What is great is that HE has found the love of his life and is marrying her soon. It is in Bips own interest to move on and we hear she is settling down with Rana. But even if she plans to be single or keeps arguing for 40 years about irrelevant matters about the past, niether John nor his new girl care anymore. They were just being kind giving her some grace time to save face and find someone who matches her and will have her. But then if someone likes to be trampled its their own choice.

  • wow

    Nobody cares. Wish the best to him and his girl.Great to know that they are making marriage plans. Many couples marrying in next couple of months – kareena -saif, genelia-ritesh, shane-liz, etc etc!

  • Prabal

    I am surprised at the viciousness of some of the comments here. They are condoning two timing by one-shut eyed John. Certainly Bipasha never deserved a characterless man like John. Bipasha will get many men if she wants..she is very beautiful and very talented..Wishing her all the best…

  • Britta

    I am amazed at your a$$ head Prabal!! If John was two timing her means he was not interested in her. He did not marry her in 8 yrs!!!!!!! Long time for someone to know if the woman is marriage material or not. And he meets his new flame and wants to get married now!! That says a lot about what was going on…Bipasha was clinging on and John wanted to move on. First she wont let go and be a vamp and then say he was two timing. And what were those Amar Singh tapes? Nickelodon for kids? eh?