Was Juhi Chawla the first choice for Lasse Hailstorm’s 100 Foot Journey?

Mon, December 2, 2013 9:00pm UTC by 1 Comment
Was Juhi Chawla the first choice for Lasse Hailstorm’s 100 Foot Journey?

The chirpy actor was apparently not the first choice for the Hollywood film

Juhi, who is so excited about her role in Lasse Hailstrom’s comedy 100 Foot Journey has only two scenes in the film. Says a source from the project, “The film revolves around the characters played by Om Puri and Helen Mirren. Juhi, who plays Om’s wife, has exactly two scenes. When the wife’s role came up, Om suggested three names: Sarika, Mita Vashisht and Lilette Dubey. But then someone suggested Chawla’s name. It was felt the role was too brief for an actor of her stature. But she surprised the team by readily and immediately accepting the role.”

Wonder if Juhi would do two scenes in a Bollywood film! When asked about Juhi playing his wife in 100 Foot Journey, Om says, “She had a two-day role for which she flew down to France. I enjoyed working with her. Earlier we’ve done one film together, the late Raj Kanwar’s Kartvaya where she was the leading lady and I had a small role.” How the tables have turned!Subscribe to me on YouTube

  • Minali

    What a sore article. Make me pitty the people in the industry. Im sure Om Puri didnt say a word of what is mentioned here. He is a professional mature actor. He knows an actor is an actor is an actor, for two scenes or 20 scenes. She did mention in one of the interviews that it was a brief role.
    One thing is for sure the news has hit the nerve of someone, the one who paid DNA to write and publish this article. Well seems like the actress has earned some haters with the news.