Was Katrina Kaif the first choice for Bajirao Mastani?

Was Katrina Kaif the first choice for Bajirao Mastani?
Yogen Shah

Going by the media reports, it certainly seems so. But what went wrong between Bhansali and Kat? Read on to know…

We all know Sanjay Leela Bhansali has signed Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh for his next film Bajirao Mastani which will hit the theatres next year during Christmas. However, what you may not know is that the Ram-Leela director had  approached Katrina Kaif before DP for his film. Yes, you heard that right! But what’s even more interesting is the reason why Ms Kaif  turned down the offer. As per the reports doing the rounds Ranbir Kapoor’s ladylove rejected Sanjay Bhansali’s film coz she didn’t want to work with Dippy’s beau who is junior compared to her. Well, we dunno how true this piece of information is but knowing SLB its hard to believe that he would want to cast KK as his female lead that too in his dream project which is a period drama. Well, we aren’t saying the Dhoom:3 babe cannot act, she certainly can even though she was ranked lowest by most celebs on Koffee with Karan this year on the acting meter. But Kat’s biggest problem is her firang accent which she hasn’t managed to do away with till now.

If SLB wanted his Mastani to speak with a certain accent then he may have gone to Katrina but that’s highly unlikely, no? Anyways, if this grapevine is indeed true then we are just glad that the Bang Bang actress refused to do Bajirao. Coz we do think she has a long way to go before she starts doing period dramas.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • najatlovekiss

    you guys are full of shit , and stupidity

    • desigirl424

      then don’t read the article

    • secretdeepi-love

      dont read it if you find it

      • najatlovekiss

        fuck you

        • secretdeepi-love

          go to hell now you lose your politely character,BITCH

  • desigirl424

    lol! kat was not the first choice for BM. This was even published on other sites too. Sanjay came up with BM before kat even came to the industry. He first wanted Ash and Salman, then Ash rejected, then he offered to Kareena, then she rejected. Its doubtful that katrina was actually offered because Sanjay wants the heroine to be talented.

  • abhi

    bollywoodlife should be officially banned its a true katrina hate site get some life people nd plz stop taking money from deepika to publish such articles

    • unknown

      media takes money from deepika and highlights Katrina ? published Katrina ? where is hateness here??
      but appreciate her for not choosing period drama because its not suit for her…!!

  • aaaa

    I read somewhere that she was a choice for kashi bai not mastani…God these actors will do anything to stay in news even spread rumors

  • unknown

    SLB is standard director ..he know which role suitable for whom..”mastani” is historical Indian character ..how Katrina suit for it ? means maratha peshwa bajirav’s wife mastani look like NRI?? slb isn’t fool!!

    and I don’t think Katrina’s problem of junior actors because she work with aditya Roy kapoor in fittoor..

    but this is good idea to stay in news and limelights…

  • ghita

    I think that katrina made a mistake by refusing this role because many fans want to see her in this kind of roles

  • Rhea

    Oi, hatemongers! Mastani had a Hindu Father and a Peshawari-Persian mother or she was the daughter of a Nizam of Hyderabad. She wouldn’t sound correctly Hindu either. Peshawari-Persian influence would have tilted her accent towards the Afghani Herat-Iranian region. & that my dear reporter, Katrina can do perfectly. Precisely because she is speaking Hindi in the Persian lehja as we like to call it. We cant place accents correctly in typical period dramas, we hypothesise.

    Moreover, if I find Deepika’s vernacular/localised accent irritating, does that give me the right to say that she isn’t suitable for certain roles & someone else is? Or that she is born in Copenhagen & isn’t Indian enough? Damn no. In today’s world & age when the NRI population is higher than ever before, targeting accents & discriminating against an outsider is just pathetic. People hardly understand what we say to them in NYC or London or Rome or Orissa or Tamil Nadu unless we mix languages together, we adapt, we learn accents in order to be accepted. Katrina is doing the same.

    Moreover, I have given you logical reasons as to why Katrina could have been offered this role. Why Deepika is doing it, is obvious. SLB doesnt have the guts to experiment with a formula he believes is magical. Splash ethnic hatred, combined with lust & pre-marital sex & actors who are allegedly in a relation. you have a hit. Its hard for period dramas to have a box office success. so good luck to him anyways.

  • secretdeepi-love

    i dont think she would do a good pair with ranveer

  • nicky

    Bollywood life dont give right information, shedoes not want to work with ranveer becoz she dislikes ranveer as other actresses like kareena, priyanka who found him gunda of street n his cheap behavior is the reason that s y super heroines left films !

    • suresh

      Agree with u! He is not charming actor, pure desi gunda!

  • nicky

    She dislikes ranveer n ranveer does not suit with modern n stylish actresses like priyanka, katrina, kareena n anushka!

  • arohi

    oh plz Bollywood life. there is no problem b/w kat and rs, forget they were having so fun at dhoom3 success.
    kareena and rani were 1st choices but project delayed. deepika was always 1st choice for mastani. yes kat was approached for this film but I don’t think she had any issues with rs.

  • aaaa

    Katrina is only in news cuz of ranbir n by spreading rumors…God girl do u think u can fit in mastani role???? Public is not stupid