Was Poonam Pandey molested in Bangalore?

The seductress swears that she will not perform on New Year ’s Eve ever again after horrifying experience with drunken men at a recent bash

Poonam Pandey was scared to her death and the nightmarish experience has left her scarred mentally. It so happened that when the Nasha babe was in Bangalore to perform an item number in a hotel on New Year’s eve, a huge mob of drunk men got completely out of control. Even the security cordon comprising 100 guards and another 20 bouncers could not control the wild men who had lost it completely to get too close for comfort woo the Nasha babe. In fact, Poonam ran away from the place quickly but the men started chasing her to her hotel room. In Poonam’s words “those men were absolutely mindless and were thinking from only ‘that part of their anatomy!”

So is the babe all right now? Perhaps she has learnt a bitter lesson in the hard way. “Believe me, it is just not right. There are only men and they are all drunk. I’d advice all female celebrities to avoid dancing for New Year’s celebrations. No amount of money is worth your izzat and your life. I’ve never been more scared in my life. Never again,” said Poonam in an interview.