Was Priyanka Chopra behind the Shahrukh Khan-Shirish Kunder fight?

Fri, February 3, 2012 8:00pm IST by
Was Priyanka Chopra behind the Shahrukh Khan-Shirish Kunder fight?

That’s the latest buzz on the Shahrukh-Shirish slapgate story

Whether Shahrukh Khan slapped Shirish Kunder or not, what we can say for sure is that they did get in to some kind of fracas. Shahrukh too admitted that Shirish had blocked his way and so he pushed him aside. Two days later, they even forgave each other for not only that incident,but also for past hurts. Just when we thought that was all there is to it, we now hear something else. Our feathered friend chirped to us that just before the fight, Shahrukh was involved in a deep conversation with Priyanka Chopra. You may recall that the fight happened at Sanjay Dutt’s party to celebrate Agneepath. Priyanka was at the do while Gauri Khan had given it a miss. Not bothered about the rumours of their close ‘friendship’ doing the rounds, SRK and PC spent some time chatting together. It was late into the party and most of the guests had already left. The few who were there and spotted them together chose to leave them alone. A lengthy conversation – and everyone’s mum on what it was about – later, Priyanka left the party, while Shahrukh went towards the restrooms. That’s when he got into a brouhaha with Shirish.

You know the rest of the story already. What everyone’s wondering now is whether Priyanka told Shahrukh something that caused him to lose his temper with Shirish. Of course, SRK’s friends including Dabboo Ratnani have claimed that Shirish was the instigator of the fight. The Joker director has maintained that he did no tprovoke SRK into punching him and was totally taken aback by the superstar’s actions. So did the provocation come from Priyanka? If it did, now that SRK and Shirish have made up, where does it leave Piggy C? What a convoluted web they’ve woven… tsk tsk.

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