Was Priyanka Chopra trying to ape Sachin Tendulkar?

The Barfi! actor is certainly not trying to copy the cricket god’s square cuts. So what’s this?

When we saw Priyanka Chopra peeping out of the trailers of Barfi!, we couldn’t help but notice her soulful, puppy-dog eyes. And we blame the umpteen close-up shots for this one. But one feathered friend, who was probably tired of looking into her watery naina, managed to spot the curlies plonked on her head. And do you know what he thought? ‘Oh! She looks like apna Sachin Tendulkar!’ Perhaps. Maybe. Could be.

And slowly but steadily words got twisted and the final product that sat haughtily on the grapevine reported that on seeing her final look in Barfi! Priyanka commented – “Aila! I look like Sachin.” Hawwww! Did you do that, Piggy Chops?

The people who thought she did, turned around and hurled some sharp comments at the unsuspecting Pee Cee. But hello, the lady didn’t say it! Well, that’s what she says, anyway.

“Its ridiculous how the media just makes up stories and people have opinions about it! there is no sch statement I made!!!” a seemingly shocked Pee Cee tweeted. Tch tch!

It’s okay, Priyanka. We trust you when you say that you didn’t make that statement. Khush?

Pssssst, readers – Does Priyanka Chopra’s hairstyle in Barfi! remind you of Sachin Tendulkar?