Was Salman Khan joking about Katrina Kaif’s honesty?

Was Salman Khan joking about Katrina Kaif’s honesty?
Yogen Shah

When KJo recently ranked the Dhoom:3 babe low on the honesty meter, Sallu miyaan didn’t like it. In fact, the Jai Ho actor even asked the filmmaker to rate Kat higher. Was Salman really upset or was the actor sarcastic about his ex-girlfriend?

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s prem kahaani ended a long time ago. And we all know the two have maintained a cordial relationship post their break-up. In fact, the Dabangg Khan even defended Kat when her leaked bikini images grabbed headlines. And we are glad that he did coz the whole bikini episode was indeed blown out of proportion. SK once again defended Katrina when Karan Johar put the B-town beauty at the bottom of the list while rating heroines on their level of honesty. This happened at Star Guild Awards which was hosted by Sallu miyaan. The Being Human star had called the Koffee with Karan host on the stage and decided to play with him Sherbat with Salman game. We know bhai has always said that Ms Kaif would remain his friend but then he is one actor who forgives but doesn’t forgets, hai na?

Also, it’s hard to predict when the Jai Ho actor is serious or joking. While Katrina said in an interview, “If Salman has said that then it is a very important thing. We should always respect what Salman says”, wethinks Salman may have mocked his Ek Tha Tiger co-star. After all, KK has never honestly answered any questions about her personal life, no? We don’t remember her ever accepting the fact that she was in a relationship with Salman. Do you?

So SK asking Johar to rate his alleged ex-girlfriend higher on the honesty meter could well mean that even he knows how honest Kat is but doesn’t want to make it obvious to the world. We are just guessing coz when its Salman Khan there is always more to the story than what meets the eye, right?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • heer

    Salman even said katrina never lies on aapki adalath with a stright face . He said she has always been thank ful n will always be thankful. If salman had to be sarcastic he wont praise her again n again in every press event. Its public who wants to see drama . Coz obviously they broke off. They cant digest that there is no drama

    • hemant

      Salman n katrina broke off 2008 . Its 5 years now for any drama . Salman has moved on , katrina has moved on . As salman himself says he never had any ugly breakups thats the reason he is still friends with all of them. I guess he forgot ashwariya.

  • najatlovekiss

    i don’t care what people think or say, Katrina,Kareena,Aishwarya, Priyanka,Bipasha ,Rani,Kajol, will always be my best actress, it hurt me things didn’t work out with Katrina and salman, but i guess Katrina was good to him that is why salman still feel something for her,

    • Memyselfandi

      oh dear. katrina is a master manipulator. She used Salman to further her career and she later throw him like a tissue paper. She was literally given a platter with golden opportunities with hobnobbing with who’s who of the industry and getting creme de la creme film offers via Salman and after she realized that she has got all fame and wealth, she had got rid of him. Not ony that she has taken advantage of Salman’s bad boy image as well. She had given herself a character certificate of being the purest Indian girl by calling Salman as her brother and that she thoroughly respects him in a press conference so that people should think that it is Salman’s fault and never hers. Killing two birds with one stone.

      • unknown

        agree with you… he dumb old salman for young rk.. selfish…kat…

        • najatlovekiss

          so are you trying to say that salman is a stupid man and he didn’t no what is real love and what is fake, i will say you are a stupid fan who doesn’t see when someone is good or bad, if Katrina is a bad person salman family will still not be friends with her, get a life ,

      • najatlovekiss

        so are you trying to say that salman is a stupid man and he didn’t no what is real love and what is fake, i will say you are a stupid fan who doesn’t see when someone is good or bad, if Katrina is a bad person salman family will still not be friends with her, get a life

  • Samy

    I don’t think Katrina dumped him, and by far she is one of the sweetest of the lot, too good for Salman, I think it is Salman who decided to let her go, he knows that his future is uncertain, he doesn’t want anyone hanging by the hook for him, whatever time they had together was a happy one,no blood blood. Marriage or no marriage why can’t Salman have as surrogate child,like Sharukh & Aamir, he has his mother,sisters,bhabis to look after the kid. At least we can enjoy another future fireworks.

  • Romance

    Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan are great couple !!!

  • Mahnoor

    im just hopin Salman n Katrina get back together,if its SRK n Salman fight so why did katrina n salman break up i hope they get back 2gether,its really cute how salman always defends katrina,wheater they hve broken up or not,or wheater its a big problem or small,they will always remain my fave couple!

  • asim

    salman is best no kat

  • MyOpinion

    Kat? Honest? Wasn’t she a prostitute before joining Bollywood? Didn’t her first producer make up the last name “Kaif” so that the Indian audience would accept her? Didn’t she lie about her nationality & about father being Indian? Didn’t she say she wasn’t dating Salman? Didn’t she cheat on Salman with Ranbir? Didn’t she say she’s not seeing Ranbir? Is there an honest bone in this girl’s body?

  • zoya

    first they broke up in 2011 and second salman is not old katrina is lieing aboyt her age she turend 40