Was Salman Khan-Kushal Tandon tiff on Bigg Boss 7 fake?

Was Salman Khan-Kushal Tandon tiff on Bigg Boss 7 fake?

Looks like all the tamashaa between the TV actor and the Bollywood superstar on Bigg Boss 7 was a hoax or has the latter forgiven the former completely?

Bigg Boss 7 has surely seen a lot of fights, but one fight which we absolutely cannot forget was between Kushal Tandon and show host Salman Khan. While on one hand, Kushal accused Salman of being biased, the Dabangg star shared similar sentiments and took cracks at the TV actor on multiple occasions – it had almost become like a war between the two.

But when we saw Kushal having a good time with Salman on his birthday bash recently, it made us wonder, if all those verbal spats between the TV actor and Bollywood superstar were real. After all, don’t we know that Salman doesn’t forgive his enemies so soon? All we have to do is mention names like Shahrukh Khan, Vivek Oberoi, Ranbir Kapoor…so on and so forth.

So has Salman actually forgiven Kushal, or was all the gussa and garma-garmi between them on Bigg Boss 7 fake?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Ja

    Really funny!!!! Now don’t vote for guahar,,,all this are their acting only

  • pallavi

    Its cx Salman has a heart of gold

  • Sherry

    No there is no forgiveness from salman, this is damage control for the channel and the producers. He treated kushal like crap and not just once all the time. The channel is trying to save the show. Now tanisha who is a stuck up cow is in the final. And thats because of salman. But goahar should win who is natural and not fake.

    • Raj Kumar Yadav

      0ur c0untry will never bec0me peaceful because 0f anti-s0cial elements y0u are. Never appreciate g00d deeds and want to see tw0 pe0ple sharing happy m0ments.. Always like vi0lence..

  • Sarah Winget

    No, whatever Salman did with with Kushal and Gauhar on the show was real. His goody goody behaviour with Kushal after his eviction is just eye-wash or brain wash as Jai ho is releasing next month. He is only trying to clean his image. Gauhar, the only deserving should win the show.

    • Raj Kumar Yadav

      Bl00dy f00l, be 0ptimistic at least f0r s0me time. D0 u seri0usly think he needs Kushal Tand0n t0 make his m0vie hit? Y0u pathetic pers0n! D0 y0u think SRK sh0uld patch up with Abhijeet Bhattaracharya t0 make his f0rthc0ming film hit..
      Read what was written 0n Salman’s T-Shirt 0n the day “F0rgive and Let G0.”
      Get s0me sense, y0u nutcase…

  • Raj Kumar Yadav

    Happy Birthday Salman bhai! Kushal was seen sharing happy moments with Salman. So stop silly fighting over Bigg Boss Show..

  • Sandeip Kapoor

    Lol. Kushals face looks like a frog and suggests strongly that hez a junkie. Low life scum. His yellow toothed mouth is like a gutter lid. One cant differentiate whether this guy is yawning or farting when he opens his mouth.

    • Doom

      Looks like you cant stop ogling at Kushal. Afterall he makes 48 year old virgin Salman insecure.

  • Doom

    Jai Ho still flopped. Salman shouldn’t have messed with the common man.