Was Shabina Khan the reason why Shraddha Kapoor walked out of Gabbar?

Akki’s upcoming film Gabbar is in the news yet again. Here’s why

Not so long time ago, there was news that Shraddha Kapoor was asked to walk out of Gabbar. The reason was that she didn’t have dates to spare and so producer Shabina Khan asked her to walk out. Anyways, now we hear that a lot of crew members of Gabbar have quit the film ‘coz of Shabina Khan. And this time around, she didn’t ask them to leave but, they left ‘coz of her acid tongue. We hear that around five people from the crew have walked out of Gabbar because of Shabina Khan’s short temper. Reportedly, she rubs people the wrong way and doesn’t shy away from insulting them if there’s a minor mistake. This isn’t the first time her crew is having a problem with her. During the making of Rowdy Rathore, similar news had made it to the headlines…

Hmmm. This makes us wonder if Shraddha was asked to walk out or the petite actor quit herself fearing what she’d have to face Shabina Khan as her producer. Wink, wink! Anyways, Shraddha has now been replaced by Shruti Haasan in Gabbar. Gabbar is an official remake of Tamil film Ramana, which is slated to release end of this year.