Watch Shahrukh Khan and Rohit Shetty play cricket on the sets of Chennai Express

The superstar shares a light moment and takes to a game of cricket on the sets of his upcoming film

Shahrukh Khan is known to be a sportsman, as is visible from the extravagant purchase of Kolkota Knight Riders. However, his love for cricket is not restricted to the IPL pitch alone. Only recently the superstar was seen playing the game on the sets of Chennai Express in Goa.

And no, he was not whacking the ball out of the park. Nor was he seen bowling the director Rohit Shetty out. Shahrukh surprisingly just stood calmly on the sidelines fielding. Yes that’s right! Shahrukh Khan can be seen wearing his trademark red Tag Heuer frames, as he fields the balls that Rohit Shetty is hitting all around.

Kind of a bummer, right? Because we’d rather see SRK knock ‘em around than see him field. But what can one say. Has age got to him, we wonder? Wink wink!

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