We asked Vaani Kapoor if she would join Tinder? Her answer had Ranveer Singh in splits! Watch video

Vaani Kapoor would rather die with cats than join Tinder. Wondering where this comes from? Well, in an exclusive interview with BollywoodLife, the actress was being coaxed by her Befikre co-star Ranveer Singh to join the dating app. In the time of Tinder, obviously, a lot of our celebs have opened up on whether they’ve been on the dating app or whether they’d just brush past it. Earlier Ranbir Kapoor also admitted on having joined Tinder. So with a little inquisition that we had for the diva, we asked her what her ID would be if she joined the app. Vaani clearly denied being a part of the social app. One thing that she would absolutely not want to do is join the dating app. (ALSO READ – 5 terrible situations Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor would have found themselves in if Befikre was set in India)

The 28 year old actress explained how she believes in the traditional idea of love and would never give in to Tinder or such apps. But no is an answer that Mr Singh couldn’t take. So he kept cajoling Kapoor to join the app. A lot of efforts were put in to convince Vaani but to no avail. Finally after the constant bugging by Ranveer, the actress said “I’ll die with cats but never join Tinder.” So as soon as she said this, both she and Ranveer burst into fits of laughter! However, little did Vaani know that she was now a prey of the actor’s tease. Singh soon started making fun of her as he imagined what it would be like when an aged single Vaani would be like as she sits next to her cat. Just like we see his personality onscreen, our cameras witnessed Ranveer’s goofy side with his co-star being the victim.

Knowing that the actress is currently single, perhaps that’s why Singh wanted her to get someone rockin’ her boat! However, it is sweet to learn that Vaani’s idea of love is old-school and she isn’t shy to say it out in front of the cameras. we must add though, she’s playing quite a polarised character as in the movie, she is clearly not interested in love. The film has released and if you missed out on what’s it all about, you can check out the review right here. Vaani as Shyra and Ranveer as Dharam play two individuals who don’t want to fall in love, in the city of love (Paris). Quite ironic, don’t you think? Well, we don’t know the twist in fate that happens in the film but you can tell us if the trailer has intrigued you enough to go watch the film.

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