Posted Fri, February 3, 2012 2:57pm IST

Kat is confident, Piggy is fiercely independent and Dips is shy. We aren’t saying it…they are, with their body language

Many of B-town’s gorgeous girls have a distinctive style of posing in front of the shutterbugs. While Katrina Kaif prefers a slightly tilted one-hand-on-the-hip stance, Sonam Kapoor likes showing off her front profile in a tea-pot position. These stars tend to repeat their poses day after day, either because they think that the specific stance brings out their best profile in front of the camera, or because it’s most comfortable or perhaps because they have just got used to standing that way. But their body language gives away a lot about their personalities without them realising it. We take a look at some the top B-town actors and tell you what how they stand says about them.


Does this sexy back belong to Deepika…or Sonam?